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Microsoft Windows 10 Pro Edition ISO is very well known for its reliable & most user-friendly interface. Pro edition of Windows 10 is a complete package of productivity and creativity. It is the fastest-selling Windows OS till now, selling 200 million copies in the first six months after it’s release. Windows 7 sold 100 million copies in the first six months after it’s initial release, which makes Windows 10 fastest-selling Windows OS in the market. So, if you are looking for a Windows OS with all the lakiểm tra features và apps, then you are in the right place. Windows 10 Pro will serve sầu all of your needs.

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Overview of Windows 10 Pro

Windows 10 Pro edition includes all features of Windows 10 Home, with additional capabilities that are oriented towards business environments, such as Active Directory, Remote Desktop, BitLocker, Hyper-V, và Windows Defender Device Guard. Microsoft Windows 10 Pro has all the features that are available in Home edition of Windows 10. It is known for its reliability, stability, and performance. It is also known for its user-friendly interface và most stunning GUI. Performance of the system is doubled as compared to devices using other operating systems offered by Microsoft Windows.

Small businesses & other small institutes can take advantage of cloud storage services. Managing your data is easy these days with Windows 10 Pro cloud storage feature offered by Microsoft. Pro users can have access lớn their data everywhere thanks to cloud storage technologies. These storages are totally safe to lớn use & are very easy to lớn manage. You can keep your data on the cloud servers without the threat of being stolen. Google Drive và Microsoft OneDrive sầu offer cloud storage, other cloud storage services are also available.

Just so, they could add it in to this more expensive new operating system version, Microsoft, hasn’t, really talked about many of the other main differences between this Pro 4 workstation and pro version, and I don’t even think it’s out, yet they just kind of mentioned: they were making it, & that was it. So maybe I will make another đoạn Clip if there’s enough differences, but I probably don’t even see myself getting it unless there’s, some killer new feature that includes. Besides. That, though, I guess we can quickly just kind of mention the other versions of Windows besides trang chính Pro just out of curiosity.

Windows 10 enterprise, which is mainly designed to lớn be deployed on like many many computers, & that just allows Much easier use of volume, licensing và direct control from one central admin, or something lượt thích that. Then the education version is very similar lớn enterprise, except focused on like institutions of Education, so universities, school, & that just focuses again on academic volume. Licensing instead of corporate, though another interesting one you may not have heard of – is Windows IOT core now this is actually meant lớn be for, lượt thích Internet of Things, devices.

Start Menu:

The Start Menu is baông xã. The Start Menu has been part of Windows from Windows 95 all the way up to Windows 7. When Windows 8 was introduced it removed the “Start Menu” completely. It replaced the “Start Menu” with the “Start Screen”. Users complained so much that Microsoft returned the “Start Button” but not the functionality. Microsoft has learned its lesson & with Windows 10 the “Start Menu” is baông chồng.

The Windows 10 “Start Menu” is a hybrid of the Windows 7 Start Menu và the Windows 8 Start Screen. On the left we have a Windows 7 style “Start Menu”. The middle section shows the “Most used” & any “Recently installed” apps. To show all the apps installed on the system select the “All apps” button. All installed apps show in the menu in alphabetical order. There is a scroll bar on the right of the danh sách lớn scroll through the apps.

If we scroll down under the “W’s” we will see some of the entries have down arrows lớn their right. There are folders that contain additional apps that will exp& when selected like the “Windows Accessories”. To return khổng lồ the mặc định start thực đơn, we’ll select the “Back” button. We can select “File Explorer” khổng lồ open the ứng dụng lớn browse through the files & folders on this computer. If we select the right arrow we will see the “File Explorer” callout menu.

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Here we have sầu some “Pinned” tệp tin thư mục shortcuts for the “Desktop”, “Downloads”, “Documents”, và “Pictures”. We can add or remove sầu whatever folders we want from this jumpmenu. To remove one of the items from the danh sách select the “unpin from this list” button to the right of each thành phầm. At the bottom of the jumpcác mục we have “Frequent” folders such as “Music”, & “Videos”. This danh mục will dynamically change showing the folders you most commonly open. Selecting any of the folders in the menu will open “File Explorer” directly lớn this thư mục.

“Settings”. The “Settings” app is a more simplified easy to use version of the old Windows “Control Panel”. Microsoft is gradually moving as many settings as possible khổng lồ the new interface so there is a single user experience across Desktops, Laptops, Tablets, và phones. If you prefer to use the old “Control Panel”, or need a feature not available in the new “Settings” app, it is still available through the Quiông xã Access Menu. Right-click on the “Start button”, & select “Control Panel”.

News Section and More Features:

The “News” ứng dụng is showing a slideshow of the lademo current news stories and the “Weather” phầm mềm is showing the current weather conditions. Some of the tiles currently just show the name of the phầm mềm lượt thích calendar và mail. After these apps are mix up và used, they will begin showing new constantly updating information. These tiles can be rearranged by selecting and holding on the tile and dragging around the thực đơn. As we add or resize dynamic tiles it will increase the size of the “Start Menu” dynamically.

The tiles come in 4 available kích cỡ options. As we can see on the start thực đơn the four available options are Small, Medium, Wide, and Large. Let’s right-cliông xã on the “News” tiện ích tile lớn review this và other options. “Resize”. Selecting “Resize” from the thực đơn will open a fly-out thực đơn khổng lồ select the form size “Unpin from Start”. Selecting this option will remove sầu the live sầu tile from the Start Menu. It can be added back again by selecting “All apps”, finding the phầm mềm in the danh sách, và then drag and drop it baông chồng.

“Turn live sầu tile off”. Selecting this option will turn off the real time updating of information in the tile. “Pin Sạc khổng lồ taskbar”. Selecting this option would attach the “News” app to lớn the taskbar for quiông xã access like the “Edge” browser and Microsoft “Store”. “Uninstall”. Selecting “Uninstall” will allow us lớn completely remove sầu the ứng dụng from this computer. Any apps you uninstall can be reinstalled in the Windows “Store”. If you vị uninstall a built in phầm mềm lượt thích “News” you can get a complete danh sách of the preinstalled apps by searching for “Microsoft Corporation”.

Xbox Console Gaming & Security Features:

Microsoft is bringing Xbox Console gaming experience to lớn Windows 10 Pro edition, giving all the gamers access to Xbox Live Community. It enables all the gamers to capture and mô tả their gameplay & also gives Xbox One owners the ability to play their Xbox One games from any Windows 10 PC in their trang chính. Windows 10 Pro users can play games more seamlessly và have more fun while playing games.

All the security updates are available regularly. Windows 10 provides the best security apps and features that are not available in any other Windows OS. Pro edition of Windows 10 security ứng dụng keeps you secure from all the security threats. It helps you keep secure from viruses, malware, và other malicious activities. Windows 10 Security Firewall is more powerful than ever securing your privacy from malicious apps và attacks. It will filter out all the unsafe apps and will keep you secure from any threats. Checkout Windows 10 trang chủ edition.


Feature of Windows 10 Pro

Features offered by Pro edition of Windows 10 includes:

It is available for both 32-bit and 64-bit architecturesWindows 10 Pro has N & KN variantsMinimum telemetry cấp độ is basicIt switches its user interface lớn make it suitable for PCs, 2-in-1 devices, tablets, or even turns your phone into lớn a PC.Cortana is also available, it is the world’s most personal digital assistant which helps you navigate throughout Pro edition of Windows 10 environment.It includes Hardware device encryption featureChoose deferred updates so you can decide when and how khổng lồ update your devicesMicrosoft Edge is introduced to lớn Windows 10 which makes your browsing more easier and faster than ever beforeMultiple language paông xã support is availableSmartphone device management feature is also included in Windows 10 Pro editionSide-loading of line of business appsVirtual desktops feature is available khổng lồ make your experience more productiveWindows 10 also introduces a whole new Windows HelloPro edition users can now pause updates for up to 7 daysWindows spotlight feature is availablePro edition gives you Microsoft Store suggestions, means which tiện ích is trending & best for your device to lớn installAccess all your files, folders and apps from virtually anywhere on any device with remote desktopRemote Apps can be accessed only by a clientWindows Subsystem for Linux is available for 64-bit SKUs only, since update version 1607Windows Sandbox is available since 1903 for 64-bit SKUs onlyHyper-V is available for 64-bit SKUs onlyAssigned Access 8.1 is available khổng lồ Pro edition usersBitLocker is available to lớn give you securityBusiness Store is accessible to Pro users of Windows 10Conditional Access is available khổng lồ Pro usersDevice Guard feature is availableEnterprise data protection is guaranteedEnterprise Mode Internet Explorer (EMIE) can be used by Pro usersWindows 10 Pro users can join a domain name & Group Policy managementYou can connect to lớn your school, business, or a corporate network via the cloud with Azure Active DirectoryPrivate catalog feature is availablePro users can make use of powerful management tools for single sign-on và more control over devicesPro users can see Windows AnalyticsWindows Information Protection is availableWindows Update for BusinessOther numerous incredible features are included in Pro edition of Windows 10

Features not available

Features that are not available are as follow: