Candace Owens tells "The Ingraham Angle" why she"s suing Cardi B

"Blackout" writer discusses the left"s gyeongju obsession and Twitter feud v rapper

Candace Owens, the conservative writer andcommentator,saidThursday night that she intends come sue singer Cardi B, accusing the rapper that trying to "slander" her household members.

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"It was not an idle threat," Owens, founder of the Blexit movement,told host Laura Ingraham throughout an appearance on Fox News" "The Ingraham Angle."

"We are suing Cardi B," Owens continued. "You will have the ability to watch this play the end in the courtroom. The is i can not accept that any kind of person would use doctored tweets to try and libel and slander my family members members, mine private family members members, and also think that I’m going come take that sitting down."

Representatives because that Cardi B did not immediately respond to after-hours emails indigenous Fox News seeking comment,and Owens walk not indicate when the suit would be filed.

Ingraham’s present pointed to an write-up published Thursdayby the everyday Wire that saidthe rapper, whose actual name is Belcalis Marlenis Almanzar, turned off tweets that included allegedly doctored tweets around Owens" brother.

"At the very least three the the tweets that have been removed from Cardi’s Twitter account contained screenshots the a fake tweet and false blog posts about Owens and her family," the report said.

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Cardi B stated she turned off the tweets from her accountbecause herplatform is because that fun and entertainment.

"The tweets between me & you was no entertaining anyone. The was getting boring," she posted. "Get a life liquid it’s been two days."

It is not uncommon for celebrities to engage in edgy Twitter exchanges, however on Tuesday, the back-and-forth take it an unusually an individual turn.

Cardi B was reportedly upset through Owens end the commentator"s criticism that the singer"s Grammy Awards power of the hit track "WAP." The brand-new York Post"s page Six reported that Owens said watching the performance was choose "looking in ~ corrosion."


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