As a pan of Twitter fights and also someone who has acquired into a few (and won), I have to say that the Candace Owens-Cardi B fight this week was as an excellent as any non-heavyweight boxing match in the past 12 months.

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Like any good showdown, the country immediately rooted for a rematch. While the sequel is never ever as good as the original, this is still precious a view.

After exchanging blows, Cardi B scrubbed she tweets, especially those of doctored photos about which Owens endangered to sue her.

Cardi B denies she turned off the tweets the end of fear, that rather the feud just gained boring.

Actually i deleted every the tweets between us indigenous the beginning due to the fact that my platform is for fun and also entertainment.The tweets in between me & friend was no entertaining anyone .It was getting boring .Get a life candy it’s been 2 days

— iamcardib (
iamcardib) march 18, 2021

You can read v the full blow-by-blow here, yet in short, Cardi B quote-tweeted a photoshopped tweet designed come look favor Owens announced the her husband had sex through her brother.

Deleted yet screenshotted:

“FYI i DO have a brother, a personal citizen, who you space slandering right currently with this photoshopped image that girlfriend are now publicly explain you observed tweeted in real life,” Owens responded.

“I won’t protect against until ns the CEO and also chairman of that WAP,” Owens concluded. I’ll leave through that.

Comment with who won Round 2 below:

Candace OwensCardi B


Written through Bobby Burack

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March 19, 2021 at 11:53 am must be better than this. “Stories” which space little more than display shots that one you are fool trolling another serve no purpose. News flash: Twitter is no reality and also America’s demented obsession through it has offered us cancel culture, BLM, AOC, and every various other civilization-destroying bizarre preoccupation. To quote Joe Rogan, “Twitter is just mental patient flinging shit at every other”. And one various other pertinent quote: “Opinions are choose assholes- everybody has actually one, however I don’t want to view your asshole and I sure don’t care around your opinion”

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