We never know what God has actually planned for us. This is simply one that the lessons at the center of the Pure Flix movie "Finding Normal," certification actress Candace Cameron Bure.

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“Finding Normal” is about a large city doctor named Lisa Leland — play by Bure — who is faced with a tough choice after she gets pulled over by a little town cop if on a cross country journey to new York. She all of sudden finds herself in legal problem over too countless unpaid parking tickets.

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She either needs to go to jail — or perform community organization in the tiny town of Normal, north Carolina. Dr. Leland opts for neighborhood service, and also soon learn what little town living is all about.

The movie has actually a variety of powerful class for united state all to take into consideration (stream the movie right now with a totally free trial):The very first take-away is a pretty simple one: us can’t live prefer the rules don’t apply. Dr. Leland keeps ignoring she parking tickets — so much so the she end up gaining arrested. We all gain busy, yet we have to take treatment of the small things prior to they come to be bigger troubles in our lives. The just common sense, however it’s easy to gain lazy and to permit issues come magnify.The second lesson: us never know what God has actually in store for us. Dr. Leland desperately wants to leave the town of Normal and also make her method to brand-new York. However Doc Shelby, who serves together the little town’s doctor, judge and minister said her, “Who knows, if you enable yourself you could just uncover you prefer it here?”

Sometimes, we’re like Dr. Leland. We assume we know what’s best, however sometimes God throws united state some unexpected curveballs and also when we totally trust in Him, we have absolutely no idea where He’ll take it us. And also if we perform let Him take the lead, we’ll finish up specifically where we’re claimed to be. Dr. Leland learn this firsthand.Proverbs 3:5-6 tells us: "Trust in the Lord v all her heart and also lean no on your own understanding; in all your means submit come him, and also he will make your routes straight."Our third lesson: Not whatever is what the seems. in ~ one point, we see Dr. Leland get in church together Doc Shelby is preaching critical sermon — one us all need. Doc Shelby said, “We need to go through and pluck away those things in our stays that originally look beautiful, yet in the finish just weigh united state down.”

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Not every little thing is what the seems, and plucking away the points weighing us down — points that might initially it seems to be ~ wonderful yet eventually prove otherwise — is important to life the lives we’re intended to live.Our fourth lesson: There are absolutely no coincidences. in ~ one point in the movie we check out Dr. Leland saving a tiny girl who has an allergic reaction to a punishment sting. While Leland phone call the minute a “lucky coincidence,” one more character proclaimed, “Oh, yes sir no such point as coincidence.” In our own lives, it’s worth remembering that God always has a plan. We can not always understand what God is doing, however we can trust the h=He has actually a plan for us all.

And last yet not least: The cross holds the strength to change us.

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Dr. Leland noticed a big cross in town and asked character Lucas Craig why the there. His response is telling, as he stated the cross is, “Making people stop and think.”

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And it is the strength of the image of the cross, v the truth of the price reminding us of what Jesus did: dying because that the guilty of every person being who has lived and who will ever live. It’s the cross that reminds united state of that necessary truth, calling us to a connection with our loving Creator.

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