Look away! Candace Cameron Bure’s 23-year-old daughter, Natasha, no the best fan of she parents’ public screens of affection.

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“It’s so funny,” the Voice alum solely told Us Weekly on Thursday, October, 28, while cultivating RomaDrama Live! “I, like, gain cringed out by it once I’m in person with them. Ns like, ‘This is too much.’ … ns like, ‘OK, guys, it’s family time. … You can do this on you own.’ i’m like, ‘We know we get it. Totally.’”

The actress detailed that she feelings readjust when the Full House alum, 45, write-ups romantic shots via Instagram v her husband, Valeri Bure.


Valeri Bure and Candace Cameron Bure. Broadimage/Shutterstock

“Online, i think that cute,” Natasha explained. “Like, ns hope my husband and also I are like that and so in love through each other. Ns think it’s the cutest thing.”

The Kind Is the new Classy author, who has actually posted picture of Valeri playfully grabbing she chest and kissing her, currently tries come “censor” herself about her kids, she specifically told Us in June. “It grosses them out,” she said.

Candace and also the former expert ice hockey player, likewise 45, wed in 1996. In addition to Natasha, castle share young Lev, 21, and also Maksim, 19.

The pair welcomed Natasha in 1998 when the previous View cohost to be 22, which led she daughter to think that she would have a child of her own at the very same age.

“That was my plan,” Natasha said Us top top Thursday. “I was going to acquire married at 20, then have actually a child at 22. That is very much no the case. Ns glad that not since I’m not prepared for that.”

The Home Sweet Home star has gone with phases of infant fever, especially since many of her friends and family members have actually been having children of their own. “I’m for this reason obsessed through children, yet it’s typically for a time period,” Natasha said. “When i’m super busy, ns like, ‘I could never have actually a kid ideal now. That’s too crazy.’”


Candace Cameron Bure and her daughter Natasha Bure to visit the premiere the ‘Aladdin’ in Los Angeles on may 21, 2019. Jordan Strauss/Invision/AP/Shutterstock

Natasha play Jazzy in Don’t Sweat the little Stuff in 2020, complete with maternity clothes and also a fake infant bump.

“I was obsessed v it,” the Faith, Hope and also Love star told Us of her faux belly. “I was like, ‘This needs to happen. Ns love it.’ … It to be great, and also that’s enough for me best now. I just need to take treatment of myself an initial and then in the future, hopefully ns take care of a baby.”

For now, Natasha is focusing on work and also will be participating in RomaDrama Live! indigenous January 7 to 9 in Palm Beach, Florida.

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“I love farming my circle. So I’m really excited,” Natasha gushed to Us of the boutique fan convention. “I personal love talk to world who are just interested in the job-related that ns do. The so fun to hear everybody’s stories and just get to recognize everyone. Ns love making new friends. I’m excited to meet other celebrities that will be there and also just attach with them.”

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