The CN Rail derailment the is behind a enormous fire close to Plaster Rock, N.B., appears to be attached to a mechanical fail affecting the brakes, claims an main with the Transportation security Board.

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The CN Rail derailment that is behind a enormous fire near Plaster Rock, N.B., shows up to be connected to a mechanical failure affecting the brakes, claims an main with the Transportation safety and security Board.

Dan Holbrook told's Maritime Noon that the train skilled an "undesired brake application" Tuesday night as a an outcome of a rest in the consistent airline through the train coming apart, resulting in the brakes to go into emergency mode.

"Trains have a continuous pipe to run throughout the train that supplies air to the brake system top top every car," said Holbrook.

"If the brake pipe comes apart, that causes the brakes transparent the train to enter emergency … and that way the train will prevent as quick as the can."

However, officials caution it is too soon to recognize the exact reason of the derailment that the train, which to be hauling crude oil oil and also propane in northwestern brand-new Brunswick.

The TSB plans to meet in Plaster rock on Thursday to discuss the investigation, i m sorry it states will look right into whether mechanical fail was a factor in the derailment. The security board stated it will be looking at many components to identify the cause.

Prime Minister Stephen Harper said Wednesday that the price of rail crashes in the country is "extremely low," the lowest in history.

But something went wrong in this case and the Transportation safety and security Board will certainly look into it, Harper said throughout a awareness in Inuvik to note the start of building and construction of a new highway come Tuktoyaktuk.

"They execute a thorough investigation and provide any referrals that require … that flow from that experience and the federal government does act on those things," that said.

"We have actually made far-ranging investments in rail safety and in rail inspections because coming to office. We’ve enhanced those vastly and of course we will take everything further procedures are necessary."

Fire rages on

Fire resulted in by the derailment that developed in Wapske at around 7 p.m. At Tuesday was quiet "burning bright" into Wednesday evening, claimed's Shane Fowler.

It to be visible in a photo taken v a cellphone from an ext than 5 kilometres away, the tweeted at around 6 p.m. AT.

"That fire is still going solid to present up under this conditions."

"We haven't walk right right into it yet due to the fact that we had actually to identify what was in those cars first," Plaster rock fire cook Tim Corbin told News.

Cleanup crews space letting the fire burn chin out prior to moving in due to the fact that there is quiet a hazard something might explode, said Fowler.

There are no residences or buildings in the prompt area of the derailment, located near Longley Road, where timber cars space loaded, but around 50 homes in the vicinity have actually been evacuated, public official said.

About 150 people are influenced in a two-kilometre radius that the derailment scene.

Air and also ground assessments of the area room expected come continue on Thursday, said Fowler.

CN Rail president and also CEO Claude Mongeau told a news conference in Plaster absent Wednesday morning the 17 that the 122 dare on the trail derailed.

Five of the derailed cars were transferring crude oil and also four consisted of propane, he said.

Each tank auto can carry in between 550 and also 650 barrels of oil, follow to the Rail combination of Canada.


"The fire is our very first priority at the moment. Handling it, we have actually the equipment, we have actually the people and also we have all of the actions in location to deal with it in a safe manner."

Michael Farkouh, CN's vice-president of safety and sustainability, stated an initial evaluate of the scene once daylight come Wednesday confirmed flames coming turn off a few of the derailed cars.

"However, we see they are reasonably stable, the cars, in terms of just how they room burning," claimed Farkouh.

"At this allude in time, to speculate in terms of the duration and also so forth, we'd favor to finish our assessment and also get a far better idea exactly what we have in former of us and also we're in the process of law that as we speak."

Readers speak to for tougher rail rules, oil pipelines after ~ derailment

Mongeau said a complete investigation will certainly take place and also steps taken to minimize the danger of similar incidents in the future.

Premier David Alward was additionally at the news conference and expressed many thanks there to be no injuries and said it appears there is minimal affect on the environment.

"Every job we have the movement of goods and services throughout our nation by plenty of different modes of transportation," said Alward. "Every mode of transportation is no without risk.

"What is necessary to establish is just how we room able come respond to instances when they occur really determines just how we room able to regulate as us go forward."

Some car were carrying butane, however they to be not amongst those that derailed, said Jim Feeny of CN Rail.

Hazardous material responders from Toronto, Moncton and Montreal were sent to the scene.

Feeny said not all the dare may have necessarily source in Toronto. When the train come in Moncton, the goods being hauled would have actually been dispersed throughout Atlantic Canada, that said.

Rail transportation of dangerous goods rising

Wayne Benedict, a Calgary lawyer and also former locomotive engineer and also conductor, operated for railways because that 15 years. 

In an interview v Radio, Benedict claimed there have constantly been derailments however said there have actually been boosts in the quantity of dangerous items being transported by rail.

"I think that the general public is taking much more notice the the derailments since of the increased incidents of dangerous assets being connected — oil specifically and also liquefied petroleum gas in the derailment that occurred in northern Alberta and also I think yes sir a couple of propane cars and oil affiliated in the one earlier east today. So, friend know, when you have massive explosions and balls of orange flame flying across highways where the general public is ... the media will take notice," that said.

Benedict said there space regulatory difficulties with the railway in Canada. 

"Personally i think there’s an underlying problem with the whole railway regulation regime and also then it’s exacerbated through the truth that there's increased transport of attention commodities," he said.

He claimed railways space in the service of moving freight as conveniently as feasible from one location to another. 

"Those type of primary objectives, in my mind, are in direct dispute with safety due to the fact that safety costs money," stated Benedict.

In terms of whether he believes the Lac-Mégantic disaster and also this recent derailment in Wapske will an outcome in regulatory change, Benedict said, "I'm not going to hold my breath — not through this present government that's in power anyway."

54 derailments in N.B. Because 2003


The 2003-2012 numbers come from a Transportation security Board database of report rail occurrences obtained by News as component of an ongoing investigation into rail safety.

Nearly a 4 minutes 1 of those reported derailments entailing dangerous products cars — 13 in full — happened in what’s well-known as the Napadogan subdivision, an area that consists of the tracks wherein yesterday’s derailment take it place. However, the subdivision hasn’t had actually a danger goods vehicle derailment for the past 5 years, due to the fact that 2007.

Across brand-new Brunswick and also on the Napadogan subdivision train lines, there’s been a decrease in the number of derailments and occurrences in general over the previous decade.

At the very least two various other derailments have actually happened close to Plaster Rock, one in 2004 and another in 2005. Both affiliated CN Rail cars moving dangerous goods. One associated petroleum gases, when in the other instance the product type is not stated.

Air, water high quality alerts issued

The derailment and also subsequent fire motivated the provincial wellness Department to concern an air high quality alert for the Plaster absent area and an advisory around water use.

Those who live in the evacuation zone were advised no to consume water until quality is assured.

Individuals ~ above the village water system in Plaster Rock must not it is in concerned, claimed the wellness department.

The regional medical officer of wellness for the area said occupants should take it precautions when hefty smoke affects waiting quality.

"Infants, children, pregnant women, enlarge adults, smokers and people through chronic love or lung conditions should remain indoors to reduce their exposure to the out air," said Dr. Yves ​Léger.

Anyone experiencing difficulty breathing or chest uncomfortable is recommend to call a physician.

Léger also recommended that anyone who can taste or odor smoke in the waiting follow this guidelines:

mitigate levels that physical activity as necessary. Consider sheltering indoors through windows closed. Turn air exchangers off so regarding avoid bringing exterior air into the home.  Remember that dust masks, bandanas or other clothing (even if wet) carry out not offer security from smoke.

Smoke native the fire to be drifting eastern to a mostly uninhabited area.

A spokesperson because that federal transfer Minister Lisa Raitt declined an interview request.

"We thank the first responders because that their fast action," said Ashley Kelahear in an emailed statement.

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 "Transport Canada is surveillance the situation and also is in close contact with neighborhood officials.

"The appropriate authorities will determine the reason of the incident."

The Red Cross developed a sanctuary for evacuees in Plaster Rock, though it to be not utilized by everyone overnight.