My freezer is definitely chuck complete of different kinds of meat at any kind of given time—fish fillets, chicken tenders, soil beef, and also sausage patties. This is really advantageous when I have the right to buy meats in mass when they space on sale and I don’t need to use them instantly within a couple of days.

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Recently ns pulled the end a parcel of frozen floor beef to do tacos and I i found it a small label ~ above the package that said, “For best results, take meat out of initial package and wrap strict in one of two people freezer document or tin foil.” I’ve acquired to be honest, i must have actually missed the memo ~ above this one due to the fact that I had never really believed too hard that i was doing anything dorn or less effective when i was freezing my meats. I usually simply kept castle in their small packages through the foam bottom extended in plastic wrap.

I definitely do see some freezer burn and would love to discover a means to freeze points most efficiently so this no happen and also my meats have the right to stay fresh as long as possible.


Thank goodness for Google since instead of having to carry out a trial and error sort of thing by myself to find the most efficient way, ns researched many of resources and also have discovered a good way (so far) to frozen meats because that maximum freshness.

Best way to freeze Meat

When packaging meats for the freezer, the most necessary thing is to protect them indigenous exposure come air. Wrap meats very tightly in one of two people plastic wrap or freezer paper, pressing the wrapping ideal up against the surface of the meat. Next, wrap another layer of aluminum foil about the meat or seal it inside a zip-top freezer bag.


Packaged prefer this, meat deserve to be preserved frozen for at the very least three months. After this time, also well-wrapped meats have the right to start to construct freezer burn.

Best method to Thaw Meat

The best and also safest means to thaw meat is to location the frozen parcel in the refrigerator and let it thaw gradually. Tiny cuts will thaw this method in around 24-hours while larger cuts can take a couple of days. If you"re rushed because that time, little cuts can also be thawed in a key of lukewarm water under running water.

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Two things not to carry out are thaw frozen meats on the respond to or chef them right from the freezer. Thawing on the respond to is a safety and security risk because the outside of the meat will thaw — and also start harboring harmful bacterias — long before the middle is normally thawed. Cooking frozen meat presents an ext of one aesthetic problem: the outer parts and also the inner components of the meat will chef at such different rates that the external overcooks prior to the center is done.

What tips or tricks perform you have for freezing or thawing meats? Share her wisdom listed below :)