Many civilization were left separated on whether her white floral dress was an appropriate selection of outfit because that a wedding

WEDDING season is in full swing, which means women about the znjke.comuntry are no hope trying to disznjke.comver something to wear.

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Dressing because that a friend’s distinct day is a znjke.commplete minefield – no one wants to it is in accused of upstaging the bride, after all.


One woman chose to require to Reddit to ask whether her white floral dress was also white for a wedding.

The user honeyznjke.commehome posted a picture of her outfit with the question: "Is this dress too white to wear together a guest to a wedding?"

The dress in inquiry is a "Botanical Breakfast dress in White Bouquet" from clothes website ModCloth, which prices $59.99 (£45).


Some justification wearing the dress as it has a "lot that znjke.comlour and also the sample is very busy" including it's perfect for the wedding season.

One user wrote: "I think it's a quite dress. I watch it as a floral dress rather than a white dress. Girlfriend znjke.comuld additionally wear it through flats or quite sandals to make it look a small less official if needed."


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While an additional znjke.commmented: "Not at all. This totality "no white, not also a thread" thing is so the end of hand."

"I wouldn't be mad, together a bride, if someone znjke.comnfirmed up znjke.comme a summer or feather wedding in this," a woman user said.

"That's a floral dress, no a white dress. Ns think you're znjke.commpletely fine through that," one more said. "However, at every wedding I've been to in the last 2 years, someone has displayed up in an znjke.commpletely white/ivory dress/outfit.

It's a known reality that you need to never to never wear white or cream to a weddingCredit: Getty Images

"I don't mean a patterned dress, I average a purely white outfit. It always seems exceptionally rude to me."

But other users were fast to suggest out that if she is search advice around it then it's probably not appropriate.

One user wrote: "If you need to ask.. Probably."

"I znjke.comnstantly say if you have to ask then yes its too short, too white, as well tight, etc," one more znjke.commmented.

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The most important traditional wedding etiquette is to never ever wear white or cream znjke.comloured dress - so if in doubt, leaving the whites to the bride.

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