Few fashion dilemmas break-up opinion quite favor the question, ‘can girlfriend wear white come a wedding?’.

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Much favor wearing black color to a wedding, the colour deserve to be frowned ~ above by the bridal party and also guests alike.

Since Queen Victoria an initial wore a white lace gown when she wed Albert in 1840, brides have adhered to the wedding tradition since. White wedding costume are taken into consideration a prize of purity and enable brides to stand out on the huge day.

Choosing to wear white together a guest have the right to be viewed as trying to steal fist away from the happy couple. But, there’s also growing camp who believe stringent dress codes room a thing of the past and also there might be some space exceptions to the rule. We spoke come the specialists to look at both sides of the age-old debate. 

Can girlfriend wear white come a wedding? us ask the experts…

NO: Etiquette expert Jo Bryant thinks wearing white come a wedding is a risky move. “It is still generally taken into consideration to be bad form’ come wear all white come a wedding. It’s a big risk together it deserve to be taken as you trying to upstage the bride,” says Jo. “Plus, you may look too significant in team photos.”

“With so many other colours available, mine advice would be to stop the irradiate hue altogether. You might perhaps get away with a white patterned outfit, however why chance it? It’s one day, try a various look.” states Jo.

YES:  Sarah Allard, Editor the wedding planning website Hitched, think traditionalists must loosen up and also you have the right to wear white come a wedding. “With wedding rule much more relaxed now, that a slightly old-fashioned watch that guests should never wear white to a wedding,” sarah says. “While ns would constantly recommend pull close this with caution, there are countless times when wearing white is acceptable. For example, a white outfit with a most pattern, or if the dress password is set as every white, or black and also white.

“White deserve to look very chic and also guests deserve to still add a popular music of colour to their outfits with vibrant shoes and also accessories. White bridesmaids costume are also an increasingly popular trend, making it an ext acceptable because that guests to opt because that this colour. Just you understand if her friend or family member will certainly be ok v you wearing white or not, for this reason if in doubt – ask!”

15 format tips because that wearing white to a wedding

From nice prints to including quirky accessories, these are the layout tips you need to obtain your wedding guest outfit every white ~ above the night. 

1. Opt because that polka dot prints


It helps to soften the punch a tiny if the white outfit you select is covered in a print to distract from the irradiate background colour. You can’t go wrong with classic polka dots and also this midi dress is a great option for any dressy event. The sweetheart neckline is at sight flattering if the break-up in the dress enables the towel to circulation without being too restricting. There is no way this gorgeous frock can be compared to the bride so you deserve to rest assured guests i will not ~ bat an eyelid. Add a red lip and also up the glam factor.


2. Shot a floral pattern


Finery London Tove White Floral Midi Dress 

RRP: £59 | Sizes: 8-18

Much choose polka dots, a floral publish is timeless and also never goes out of style. This nice frock suits all forms thanks come the flattering sleeves and belt that offers more an interpretation to her silhouette. Despite the white background, there space a mix of color in the print that method it feels more of a rainbow frock than a light hue. Traction out among the colours for your accessories, favor these timeless LK Bennett court shoes, and also you’ll be photo perfect in the wedding photos.

VIEW now – £59 | FINERY

3. Do it mini


Warehouse Mini Dress v Embroidery

RRP: £89 | Sizes: 6-16 

Try to avoid floor size frocks or voluminous A-line design otherwise it might show up you’re trying to emulate the bride. Play it safe and choose a shorter style the sits above the knee to obviously collection yourself apart from the bridal party. This pretty architecture has added embroidery because that a touch that colour if the sleeves are great if you self-conscious of top arms. Include a pair that Office espadrille wedges for extra height, comfort and also style the will store you on the run floor all night.

VIEW currently – £89 | WAREHOUSE

4. Take it a monochrome masterclass 


Ted Baker Yondia Pleat & relax Mockable Dress

RRP: £179 | Sizes: 6-18

Monochrome is a classic combination that helps to rest up the distinct white in one outfit. The flared dress is printed to help further odor from the light top. This frock works well because that pear shapes thanks come it’s fitted top fifty percent and flaring the end to skim over bum and thighs. A ska frock also method you deserve to stock up in ~ the evening buffet as the material effortlessly floats end your middle so you can disguise bloating. Win-win! add a standard like this john Lewis animal leather clutch bag and you’re great to go.

VIEW currently – £179 | TED BAKER 

5. Fit up


Reiss Ember tailored single breasted blazer and also slim fit tailored trousers 

RRP: blazer, £238, trousers, £128 | Sizes: 4-16

A chic fit in a warmer cream ton is a classic, back it could be precious checking if you heading come a smaller sized registry office wedding as white suits can be well-known with brides because that a an ext casual affair. If you recognize she is attract a dress, climate a suit alternative is gorgeous.

Add a various colour optimal under the blazer to rest up the white, choose this fuchsia Warehouse camisole, the adds a popular music of colour to the look. Naked heels will assist elongate your legs, too, so bag this Dune mules for a dressier feel.

VIEW now – indigenous £128 | REISS

6. Move trousers for shorts


Whistles quick Sleeve Linen coat & Bermuda Shorts

RRP: jacket, £129, shorts, £89 | Sizes: 4-18

Why no go a step additional with your suit and also opt because that summer city style? this long-length bermuda shorts sit just above the knee supplying extra coverage if still feeling contemporary. Tuck in a printed body come streamline her look and highlight your waist, then throw over the clever blazer. Roll up the sleeves, layer increase Missoma chains and include chic nude publicly Desire heels for one outfit that will win layout points.

VIEW now – native £89 | WHISTLES 


7. Coastline colour block midi dress

RRP: £139 | Sizes: 8-18

VIEW currently – £139 | COAST 

This is a failsafe choice that you don’t require to give a second thought. If the top half might it is in white, the bright colour block skirt renders it clean you are a guest that is there to have fun and also party. Add a glowing Arket hairband and also chic Kate Spade bag for a look that will view you through weddings, races and cocktail parties time and time again.


8. Karen Millen Compact large Colourblock A line Dress

RRP: £179 | Sizes: 6-18

Choose a color block dress with panels that produce a slimming effect. The clever coloured panels on this fit-and-flare white frock draw the eye inwards towards your center which consequently narrows her silhouette. Pull the end the fuschia pink for accessories and the touch of white is forgotten.

VIEW now – £179 | KAREN MILLEN


9. Sleeper Atlanta off-the-shoulder shirred floral-print linen midi dress

RRP: £245 | Sizes: xs-xl

VIEW now – £245 | network A PORTER

The other area to consider is the cloth used for her outfit. Shot to protect against satin, lace or crepe which are often typical materials because that bridal gowns and instead watch for much more relaxed textiles. Lightweight linen is fab because that summer weddings or shot an edgy leather dress in winter. This Sleeper number is so versatile it looks just as show-stopping at a wedding as it would at a park picnic. Add to the ditsy daisy print avoids it being peak to toe as soon as wearing white come a wedding.


10. Flow Island White short Sleeve Broderie Shirt back Dress

RRP: £60 | Sizes: xs-xl

VIEW currently – £60 | river ISLAND

Think of quite broderie anglaise together the cool cousin of lace. With comparable openwork, the dainty cloth is regularly less formal than lace meaning it can just around be thought about acceptable. This mini dress has beautiful pearl detailing which might be dangerous because that a wedding yet the loosened smock shape method it’s unlikely to be taken into consideration a danger to a bridal gown. Include a pair that Mango strappy heels to dress up the look.

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11. Step Eight Linda Frill Jumpsuit

RRP: £125 | Sizes: 6-20

VIEW now – £125 | step EIGHT

A chic jumpsuit is a good alternative to a dress, however it comes v a warning. Likewise to the suit, try to discover out what the bride is attract incase she has actually gone a small quirky and also chosen a jumpsuit herself. If not, you’re great to go. This all-in-one oozes sophistication and also is kept on the appropriate side the wedding attire many thanks to the pale pink trouser half. Perfect for an elegant white wedding, no so fun as soon as you need a hand in the toilet to take it off. 

12. Color clash her shoes

Zara shimmery mid-heel slingback shoes

RRP: £59.99

Wondering even if it is you can you wear white come a wedding – but look less distracting? Colour pop shoes space the answer. Include instant funny to your look with a pair of shining heels that will revolve you from awkward to on-trend in seconds. Walk bold through your footwear to make a real statement that brings a whole new an interpretation to to dance shoes.

VIEW now – £59.99 | ZARA

13. Accesssorise, accessorise, accessorise 


Boden Raffia Tassel Ring Earrings

RRP: £35

Much like the shining shoes, accessorize your outfit with pieces the make a statement. Protect against pearls or diamonds and try costume jewellery instead. Tassel earrings, statement necklaces or chunky bracelets will all help give her look a stylish edge and deter native the white outfit.

VIEW currently – £35 | BODEN

14. Cinch your waist


Next pet Print jeans Belt

RRP: £22

A belt deserve to instantly rest up an outfit and also stop the eye being drawn to a top-to-toe systematized look. Cinch in her waist with a leopard publish belt to include some fierce aspects that will set you except the bride. You’ll obtain so much wear the end of a belt like this, it’s a worthy invest in general.