Your suitcase is packed, her phone is totally charged, and also you can not wait to record your travels (and her destination-inspired outfits) on Instagram. 

You’re nearly ready to jet-set! There’s just one more thing. How are you an alleged to fly v jewelry? 

Don’t worry. Today we’re answering all your questions about flying v jewelry. Review on, sister!

Can I bring jewelry in my carry-on?

Absolutely! that’s what it’s there because that (along with other things). Her carry-on is a safe ar to pack any jewelry or beneficial items you’re bringing v you on your trip. Since your carry-on remains with friend throughout her air travel journey, you never need to worry about your jewelry gaining lost or steal in confirm baggage.

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For extra security, us recommend keeping your jewelry in a travel jewelry case. This keeps her jewelry secure and also prevents that from banging roughly the rest of the item in your carry-on or purses. It also makes it less complicated to continue to be organized and also get dressed throughout your trip! 

Learn more about the services of take trip jewelry cases.


Where have to I pack my jewelry when flying? 

The best way to pack jewelry because that air take trip is with a take trip jewelry case. The keeps points easy, organized, and secure. You don’t need to worry about your necklaces acquiring tangled increase in every other, or a rogue earring falling out of your purse. 

A great travel jewelry situation should zip closed and also have specialized space for various items, including earrings, necklaces, rings, and also bracelets. 

If you don’t have actually a travel jewelry case, review our blog for creative ways to load jewelry because that a trip.

Can friend wear jewelry with airport security? 

Yes, for the many part. Gold, platinum, sterling silver, and other fine jewelry rarely reasons an alarm. That way you deserve to wear her rings, earrings, necklaces, bracelets, and watches. 

The just gotcha is once your jewelry is bulky or consists of a the majority of metal. Oversized and also metallic jewel can trigger the alarm, for this reason it’s finest to put it in her carry-on, wherein it won’t set off the metal detector.

In fact, TSA in reality recommends the you keep your jewelry on (with the exception of huge or metallic pieces). It’s good news every around: you get to stay stylish, store your jewel safe, and also go with security simply a little bit faster. 


Do you have to remove jewelry through airport security?

Most fine jewel and small pieces will certainly go v airport security without a problem. Anything that’s bulky or made of steel can trigger a wand-down, though, so make sure to remove those pieces and place lock in your carry-on prior to going through security. That contains metal earrings, rings, necklaces, bracelets, and watches, as well as any heavy bangles or watches. 

It’s vital to placed these piece in your carry-on, and also not somewhere else, favor your pocket. Steel detectors occasionally pick up heavy rhinestones or steel buttons ~ above jeans, therefore they’re definitely going to notice a item of jewel in your pockets.

For the jewel that’s great to travel with security, save it on. Because that anything else, take it it off and store it in a take trip jewelry instance in your carry-on. Carry out not placed it in a bin or key to go with the protection belt. These can tip over throughout their journey, be wrongly picked increase by an additional traveler, or left behind by you!

Do earrings collection off plane security?

No, earrings will not collection off the metal detector unless they’re particularly bulky, or save a lot of metal. Fine earrings, little studs, and also reasonably size dangle or chandelier earrings should all it is in fine. Read an ext about choose an earring travel situation for flying.

How execute you travel with expensive jewelry?

If you have the right to avoid it, nothing travel with expensive jewelry. Air travel requires a most movement, and worrying around your high value jewelry obtaining lost will certainly make your expedition a lot an ext stressful. Depending upon where you’re traveling to, it can likewise make you a target for pickpocketing. 

If you execute decide come travel v your high value jewelry, though, follow these advice to store it safe:

Get the insured. This is a good thing come do, whether or no you setup on traveling with your jewelry. Take a intuitive inventory of your jewelry. You’ll have to do this because that the insurer. Take photos of each item she bringing, with a note of its value (keep the receipts!).

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Keep it secure. When you’re not wearing your jewelry, save it for sure in a take trip jewelry situation that you carry with you, or save it locked in the hotel safe.

Can friend wear jewelry on a plane?

Of course! stay small, non-metallic jewelry and you can pass through security simply fine. Keep every little thing else in your take trip jewelry case, or swap the end what you wearing for something more exciting as soon as you come at her terminal. Gotta rock the airport outfit!

Need a take trip jewelry case? The Wanderer through Roam regularly is your airport-friendly jewelry travel essential. The slim 5” x 7” profile fits easily in her carry-on, backpack, or purse, however it’s got space for every the jewel you desire to take through you. Safe travels!