Visiting Disneyland or Disney civilization this Halloween season? prior to you go, be certain to brush up on the parks’ costume guidelines. Many days the the year, Disney parks have actually a strict policy against adults attract costumes. However, castle make some exceptions because that Halloween.

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We take it a deep dive right into the Disneyland and also Disney human being Halloween dress code, add to share the genius way Disney fans dress in “costume” year-round, ahead.


Guests end the period of 14 can’t undertake a costume at Disneyland. | Smckenzie/iStock/Getty Images

Disneyland and also Disney world dress code

To store guests safe, Disney parks have actually a strict dress code policy. And, if friend don’t monitor the rules, a cast member might remove you from the park or deny you entry altogether. Come avoid any type of mishaps, keep in mind the species of garments banned from Disneyland and also Walt Disney World. Here are Disney’s dress password rules:

Guests 14 or larger can’t wear costumes, unless for a special event (see below).Masks space prohibited unless they space for medical purposes.Apparel with obscene language or graphic is prohibited.Loosely fit garments that could drag top top the ground and cause guest to expedition accidentally space not allowed.The parks do not enable excessively ripped clothing.Tops, pants, dresses, and other clothing items that are revealing and also not family-appropriate room not allowed.Inappropriate tattoos — objectionable language or designs — must be spanned upGuests have to wear shoes. Disney parks recommend comfortable footwear that can handle a the majority of walking. No ceiling feet allowed.

Can friend wear costumes to Disney World and also Disneyland on Halloween?

During the Halloween season, guest 14 years or older can wear costumes — but under one condition. Regular park guests should still abide by the Disney dress code and also strict no costume policy, yet those v a ticket come Mickey’s Halloween Party in ~ Disneyland or Mickey’s Not-So-Scary Halloween Party at Disney human being can wear costumes.

With the said, Disneyland and also Walt Disney civilization are family-friendly parks, so every costumes should be appropriate and follow the parks’ costume dress code. Speak of, below are several of the rules every guests should follow once wearing costumes come the parks:

Guests have the right to dress as a Disney character but can’t authorize autographs or pose for photos with other guests.Guests can’t carry weapons (real or fake) — no matter exactly how awesome the looks through their costume. Guest security is a height priority, even on Halloween.Costumes — and clothing because that that matter — cannot encompass sharp objects such as spikes, as it can accidentally cause harm to an additional guest.No full-length princess dresses or costumes that touch or traction on the ground.Guests 13 years or young can wear masks as long as the eyes room visible and also it does no cover the whole face.Anyone 14 or older cannot wear a mask of any type of kind uneven it is for medical reasons.Capes are permitted but, favor clothing, over there are length requirements. As lengthy as they nothing go past the waist, capes may be worn.Disney parks consider plastic lightsabers, toy swords, and also tutus agree accessories.Disney-themed apparel and also hats are always acceptable.

When it’s not Halloween, guests still like to dress up in character. However, since of the strict Disney dress code, they have a an enig style code dubbed Disneybounding.

What is ‘Disneybounding?’

Since Disney parks don’t permit guests to wear costumes exterior of the Halloween celebrations, countless Disney fans carry out so by “Disneybounding.” instead of dressing up in costume, guests create a more subtle ensemble, inspired by their favorite characters. The looks are usually not apparent — and also only noticeable if friend look because that it — and are more fashion-forward, everyday outfits.

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An example of Disneybounding is a red and also white polka dot skirt, v yellow sneakers, and also Minnie mouse ears. For much more Disneybounding outfit ideas, find #Disneybounding top top Instagram.