As one athlete, plenty of factors play into your performance, including your capability to check out clearly. Not among the happy ones v perfect vision? then you most likely wear eyeglasses come correct your vision. However, girlfriend may discover them cumbersome and also hindering when you’re in the game.

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Nowadays, many human being with vision deficiencies wear contact lenses together an alternate to glasses. This can be an ext comfortable and provide crisper vision in daily life. But is the switch best for you together an athlete?

If you’re looking into switching come sports call lenses you might feel apprehensive around it. Here, we’ve answered several of the crucial questions athletes may have. V this information, you’ll have actually all you require to recognize whether or not sports contact lenses are suitable for you.

Can i Wear call Lenses While play Sports?


You can absolutely wear contacts while participating in activities! In fact, it"s safer for you to wear contact lenses fairly than glasses while play sports.

Glasses might pose a safety danger while you"re proactively engaged. You run the threat of injuring yourself and others from broken glass or hurting others if her frames break.

Collisions can happen more easily early out to reduced peripheral vision through glasses. Also, lock sit on the leg of your sleep in a very vulnerable position. But contacts stay nestled versus your eyes, where damage is much less likely to occur.

When choosing contact lenses come wear throughout sports, go v soft ones. Although tough gas permeable contacts allow much more oxygen flow to her eyes, they can be riskier come wear in high-contact sports. Because soft contact are more pliable, castle won’t obtain knocked out as regularly as tough ones can.

What if ns Can"t Wear contact Lenses?

What if you’re no comfortable wearing call lenses? Or can"t wear castle for various other reasons? No worries! You have the right to dedicate a pair the glasses to sports exclusively, or to buy special sports glasses. Girlfriend can additionally take the plunge and give contacts an additional try. With huge improvements in contact lens technology, you may surprisingly be able to wear them after all.

Many varieties of contact lenses have actually been developed to combat perceptible or dried eyes. Brands like ACUVUE TruEye are so breathable the you i will not ~ even notice that you’re wearing contacts. This permits you to truly focus on the game, therefore it might be precious looking into prior to you choose more expensive routes.

What space the benefits of Contacts end Glasses in Sports?

There are numerous reasons why wearing contact can much better your performance in sports. Below are a few of the necessary ones:

Better Vision


Contacts carry out crisper vision 보다 glasses do. The an essential difference is that contacts sit straight on your eyes. Because contacts conform to the organic shape of your eyes, there room fewer distortions than you’d get with glasses. One more benefit is not having actually to worry about distracting reflections since there room no glass lenses.

Also, while you barely have peripheral vision v glasses, you do with contact lenses. Again, the reason for this is the they sit straight on her eyes instead of on the leg of your nose part distance away.

Having a more comprehensive field the vision help you check out the field, court, and other football player better. You can stop worrying around frames blocking her view, as well as fogging and also streaking from negative weather.

Greater Safety


Although you can wear glasses during high-impact sports like soccer, baseball or basketball, it’s best not to. End 493,000 basketball and 399,000 football injuries developed in 2015. While lock were not all eye-related injuries, call lenses can aid avoid plenty of of the dangers you encounter while playing sports. They have the right to keep you from becoming an additional statistic.

Although it may be tempting to wear glasses throughout lower-impact sports, contacts room still a far better choice. Every little thing sport girlfriend play, your glasses could slip off, distract you, or break. While damaged glasses can impact all players, problematic contacts usually affect only you.

Plus, the opportunity of injury come you is very slim. The worst thing that can happen is dislodgement or a corneal abrasion with tough contacts. This is another an excellent reason not to stay hard contact lenses as soon as active.

Compatibility through Protective sports Gear


In countless sports, such together hockey and also football, you must use unique protective gear. If you have to wear a helmet or any type of headgear, contacts permit for much better fit and comfort than glasses do. Your headgear have the right to sit perfectly all throughout the game, there is no constantly banging right into your glasses.


Chances are, you sweat if you"re playing your sport. That means your glasses space much more likely to slide under your nose. This probably currently happens during constant wear. The continuous need come reposition your glasses is inconvenient and will interfere with just how you perform.

With contacts, you won"t have to worry around constantly adjusting them. And also even if friend wear a sporting activities strap on your glasses to host them in place, you might still conference foggy glasses.

Can i Wear Contacts for Water Sports?

You shouldn"t wear contact lenses when participating in water sports. Bacteria from body of water can easily contaminate your lenses and lead come infections.

If girlfriend love surfing or swimming, there room special prescription goggles you can buy. Or, if girlfriend really have to use contacts because that water sports, ask her eye doctor to prescribe dailies. This way, you can throw them far after each use and lessen your possibilities of infection.

How execute You Properly care for call Lenses?


You’ll acquire the most out of her money and also your contact by caring for them properly. Her eye medical professional can provide you a finish run-down on call care, however here are few of the points you"ll must do:

replace lenses on schedule Wash your hands prior to handling contacts never ever use her saliva come moisten your contacts stop rinsing or save lenses in water use makeup after placing in your contacts just wear your contacts- nobody else"s

If friend don"t treatment for your lenses the appropriate way, you run the danger of damaging her eyes or bring about infections. Suitable care will certainly also help your contact perform far better and critical longer.

What if I lose a contact While Playing?


While contacts normally stay in place, you may finish up shedding one throughout a game. If this happens, ask for the game to protect against so you have the right to remove you yourself from the area.

If you"re may be to locate your contact lens, carefully clean it making use of guidelines provided by her eye doctor. Don"t use tap water to clean the lens, as it may present harmful pathogens to your eye! This can an outcome in severe infections, such as Acanthamoeba keratitis. This is a helminth infection that can lead to blindness.

Be sure to always have her lens kit through you therefore you have actually the proper solutions to clean her contacts. Transporting extra lenses in your sports bag can likewise get you ago in the video game faster. This is super-easy once you select daily disposable lenses.

So should I Get contact Lenses because that Sports?

While there are no call lenses specifically made for sports, there room some contacts that are better suited 보다 others. One such contact is the ACUVUE TruEye lens stated previously. In fact, plenty of of the everyday disposable lenses are great for sports because of the ability to litter them far after you done.

Whether you pick soft or difficult ones, contact lenses for sports will make your playing experience also better, for this reason don"t be fear to shot them out! castle eliminate countless sports threats and allow you to check out in a lot clearer fashion.

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If you desire to explore your options for wearing call lenses while you play sports, be sure to consult with your eye doctor. You have the right to be top top the ar of play v your new contacts in no time.