Before you decide to obtain a member at world Fitness, it is way to have all your questions answered first. Possibly you’re wondering even if it is they have a pool, a luxurious sauna, or a basketball court (sadly no). You may additionally want to recognize the equipment and also machines that they have available. Every those are super helpful.

But one point you really require to understand is the Planet Fitness dress code.

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In this article, we will tell you about their dress password policy. We will also give you concepts on what apparel you have to (and must not) wear while working out in their fitness club.

What Is The Planet Fitness dress Code?


It would certainly be nice if you can just wear whatever you wanted to PF. After all, the is a ar of no judgment.

However, that isn’t the case. World Fitness has actually a dress code that you must follow.

Don’t worry, they aren’t super strict v the requirements. They won’t ask you to use certain brands or come use apparel from their shop alone, or anything prefer that.

Plus, the dress password is over there for an essential reason: to prevent intimidation and judgment in the very first place.

Nothing Revealing or Intimidating

The dress password at planet Fitness doesn’t allow clothing the is revealing, attack or intimidating.

Avoiding such apparel will make the atmosphere at planet Fitness much more comfortable and welcoming for all members.

Keep that Safe

Additionally, garments that can be taken into consideration as safety dangers or those that can potentially damages the equipment is no allowed.

No flowy tops or anything prefer that!

This is to make sure that no injuries or accidents occur just because of what members are wearing.

Furthermore, girlfriend remember that earth Fitness is trying to prevent potential damages to your equipment. This ensures the their members gain to use high-quality exercise machines and also gym equipment without risk

You don’t want to it is in the human being who gets your shirt recorded in the rowing machine.

What should You stay At earth Fitness?


You room at planet Fitness to occupational out and sweat! Wear exercise clothes and also athleisure wear. This is pretty much universal across gyms prefer OrangeTheory, as well.

These space specifically designed to it is in comfortable as you move. That is why they space stretchy.

You may choose to wear loosened clothing, but make sure they aren’t too loose.

Wicking Clothing

Also, that is best to choose clothing the wicks away moisture from her skin. This pulls the sweat far from her skin and enables it to conveniently evaporate into the waiting so the you don’t feel drenched and wet throughout her workout.

They should additionally be make of breathable product so the your body feels an ext comfortable.

And the course, carry a towel v you for this reason you can keep as dry as feasible as you relocate throughout the gym.


Socks and also shoes that don’t show your toe are additionally required in the gym area.

If you involved Planet Fitness through your everyday clothes, friend can readjust in the dressing room, shower, or locker area.


Mask rules differ considerably throughout locations, countries, and also regions. Vaccination condition may impact these rules together well.

Please check in with your neighborhood PF for much more information.

What no To undertake At world Fitness

The world Fitness dress code is quite basic and easy to follow.

However, you have to still double-check if your workout clothes and workout shoes pass their requirements.

For shoes, you need to make certain that castle can’t view your toes. Flip-flops may seem come be good footwear for workouts due to the fact that they feeling airy.

However, they aren’t enabled at planet Fitness for safety and security reasons.

Open-toe shoes might easily get caught in the practice machines and also cause an injury.

Furthermore, by chance dropping weights, also the lightest ones, can harm your unprotected toes.

As for your workout clothes, you have to make certain that castle fit comfortably but not too loose that castle look baggy. This are just uncomfortable because you’d have actually to adjust them through pulling them often.

Get those with a good fit so you won’t have to worry around your clothing while functioning out.

On the various other side, apparel that room too chop aren’t likewise advised. Back they might fit you very snugly, they could restrict your variety of motion.

They may even rip v your stretches.

Modern athleisure clothing hits the perfect balance. Think yoga paints or shorts, and a reasonably-snug wicking shirt.

Jewelry watch nice and also can add to her style. You don’t desire to wear jewelry when working out. The is finest to leaving them at house or in a locked area.

The reason why jewel is not enabled is the it deserve to get caught in the machines.

Even wearing rings could additionally be uncomfortable while you lift weights.

Dress code For Employees

The members no the only ones that must follow the dress code at earth Fitness. They also have a dress code for your employees.

All the employee are forced to stay the staff t-shirt. It should be paired v khaki or black pants.

They should additionally be attract either black color shoes or sneakers.

Women are also permitted to undertake makeup and also jewelry, however it must be kept to a minimum. Additionally, keeping the hair under is likewise allowed.

However, world Fitness quiet prefers the hair tied. This is especially true if they are cleaning.

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Dress password for Guests

If you room a black Card member, you have the right to take benefit of the guest policy to invite a friend to occupational out v you for free! just remember to provide them the lowdown ~ above the dress code, together they won’t be permitted in if they aren’t dressed as necessary for your workout.