attract T-shirts, buttons or hats sustaining political candidates in ~ the polls is illegal. But in the pandemic era, voters are currently being reminded that the electioneering rules additionally apply to confront masks.

by Aria Jones Oct. 28, 20201 PM central


There was no shortage of candidate signs external the Carrollton publicly Library top top the very first day of early on voting in Carrollton. Credit: Montinique Monroe for The Texas Tribune
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Wearing T-shirts, buttons or hats supporting political candidates at the polls is illegal. But in the pandemic era, voters are now being reminded the the electioneering rules also apply to challenge masks.

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According come the law, “a human may not electioneer because that or against any candidate, measure, or political party” in ~ 100 feet of a polling place.

“It"s really a safeguarded area that must be just concentrated on offering the access to the ballot and voting procedures without any type of kind of interruption or any type of kind that chaos, or stress, or concerns,” said Bruce Sherbet, elections administrator for Collin County.

For years, choice officials have had to ask voters to rotate their political shirts within out and also leave your accessories in the car. This election cycle, poll employees are additionally dealing with political message on some confront masks plan to defend voters from the coronavirus.

Sherbet stated Collin county judges this year are offering plain disposable masks to cover the politics ones, he said.

“We strongly encourage masks, for this reason if someone is put on them, we don"t desire to be as well inconvenient through it as lengthy as they have the right to just cover the up,” Sherbet said.

The U.S. Supreme Court upheld one electioneering ban at polling locations in 1992, an interpretation that states can create regulations to stop voter intimidation and ban electioneering approximately polling places.

What can I wear come the polls?

Electioneering specifically includes advocating “for or against any politics candidate, measure or politics party.”

When have the right to I vote early?

at an early stage voting because that the 2020 basic election operation from Oct. 13 come Oct. 30. Voter can actors ballots at any type of polling ar in the county wherein they are registered to vote throughout early voting. Choice Day is Nov. 3.

just how will voting it is in different since of the pandemic?

In general, polling areas will have guidelines in place for society distancing and regular cleaning. Number of counties will offer ballot marking devices so voter avoid contact with choice equipment. Poll workers will most likely be wearing challenge masks and other security equipment, yet masks will certainly not be forced for voters.

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Sherbet said this means while a "Make America good Again" cap or Joe Biden button would count as electioneering, a black color Lives matter or “Don’t tread on me” message would not since they space advocating for a movement.

But electioneering could be interpreted and enforced differently throughout the state.

In 2016, a mountain Antonio man wore a T-shirt and hat supporting Donald Trump. He removed the hat, yet not the “Basket of Deplorables” shirt. He to be arrested top top electioneering charges.

In 2012, a woman in Williamson County was asked to cover up her shirt that check out "Vote the Bible."

“Ultimately, it falls upon regional Election public representative to do the last determination as to what constitutes electioneering,” stated Stephen Chang, spokesperson because that the secretary the state’s office in one email.

According come the secretary the state’s office, vote clerks and also election judges decide what counts together electioneering and have the authority to ensure there is no electioneering in that area.

So why are there so countless signs and also political volunteers external my polling site?

Within 100 feet that the polls, electioneering is no allowed. However outside of that boundary, campaigns are totally free to tide signs, hand out fliers, support for proposals and also wear whatever campaign gear castle want.

But campaign volunteers and also advocates cannot use sound amplification gadgets or loudspeakers, which have to be 1,000 feet far from the polls.

While those who manage or own the structure used because that voting cannot prohibit electioneering, they deserve to enact reasonable regulations of the time, place and manner electioneering happens. For example, a reasonable regulation would be prohibiting electioneering on sidewalks to store them clear for pedestrians, follow to the secretary of state"s office.

What’s the difference between electioneering and voter intimidation?

Voter intimidation is illegal nationally, nevertheless of wherein it takes ar at a polling location, said David Becker, executive director at the center for Election invention & Research, in an email.

“So, if any type of conduct goes from being merely expressive to intimidating towards voters, it would be outlawed nevertheless of wherein it occurred,” Becker said.

He said usually electioneering is “ordinary campaign activity.”

The distinction is the voter intimidation is as soon as someone does “anything that might negatively impact a voter” as soon as they walk to vote. This consists of making civilization feel in physical risk or uncomfortable, verbally accosting them and any other task that someone “shouldn’t need to endure while exercising their most fundamental right,” he said.

The ACLU website says voter intimidation can incorporate aggressively questioning voters around citizenship or criminal record and falsely representing oneself together an poll official. It additionally includes spreading false information around voter requirements and also voter fraud.

What should I carry out if I see electioneering?

Sherbet claimed it’s finest to tell an election judge in ~ the voting place if you check out what can be illegal electioneering. He stated they are trained to take care of electioneering and if someone notifies the choice office, the office will certainly relay the post to the referee at the location.

According to the secretary that state’s office, regional voting clerks and election judges decide what counts together electioneering. While offer in the capacity, they have the government of a ar judge to ensure there is no electioneering. If judges or clerks have questions, they can ask their regional election office or the secretary the state’s office.

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