It"s a common body change - and will commonly disappear after your baby is born. However why does that happen, how can you safely remove it and what hairy tales have our mums got


Yes, a hairy ship is typical in pregnancy – girlfriend may even sprout dark hair when you have fair hair yourself. Fuzziness and also hairiness on her bump can often make an appearance in your 2nd trimester, along with a practiced dark line the stems indigenous your ship button, called the linea nigra. It could be a temporary shocker, but there’s no have to be alarmed – and it have to disappear soon after her baby’s arrived.

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Still, if you’re no expecting it… “Oh mine God,” exclaims forum user confidence 85-56158. “I was just sitting on mine computer and could feeling proper small kicks from my baby, so i lifted my height up to have a look and also my ship has acquired really hairy!! that not also a line down the middle it’s all over!? ns don’t remember gaining this with my an initial pregnancy.”

“Hell yeah, hairy bellies preeminence lol. I have the hairiest stomach in the whole world. It acquired that poor that i sat and cut it v scissors (much to mine husband’s amusement),” add to CBB.

So why do some of us sprout a hairy belly once pregnant?

But of course, what else, however those cheeky preg hormones. OK, amazing fact comes up. “Hairs on our body room usually in among two phases; one of two people growing and also then falling out, or resting,” explains mum-of-two and also women’s wellness expert, Dr Catherine Hood.

“At any kind of time, around 90% of our hair is growing and only 10% resting. Throughout pregnancy, however, enhanced hormone levels push more hairs right into the relaxing phase.

“This way fewer hairs room falling out and also so you appear to have actually thicker hair. This overfill hair is normally welcome on your head yet less so, when other locations of your body become an ext hirsute.”

Where do you obtain the belly hair?

Our mums found it could either be all over your belly, while others uncovered it centred about the dark line you can construct during pregnant – dubbed the linea nigra.

“It’s kinda a heat from mine belly switch (which is beginning to get smaller) then spreads out from there!” states Hayley_JC.

“I have actually a many hair ~ above my ship too but only where the ‘happy trail’ is, says purpleflamingos. It’s really thick.Then again, I’m having actually to shave my legs and underarms daily. Wish the hair on mine head grew as fast”

Now the fuzz ~ above the belly of Faith 85-56518 got so long, she gave her bump a comb-over. “I just had a bath and also it looked also worse in there! and also when I got out and dried my belly, that looked really funny cos all the hairs went flat. It looked prefer a fully man’s head who has actually combed part hair over, lol.”

Can friend remove/bleach this preg hair? If so, what’s the most safe way?

The an excellent news is that this overfill hair is really likely to autumn out after ~ you’ve offered birth, generally within 6 months. But that’s a long time to wait for some – we’re feeling those hairs, Faith.

So, yes, if you desire to eliminate the fuzz, it’s for sure to execute so by waxing, plucking or shaving. It’s also safe to bleach the hair. Yet remember, friend may find your skin is an ext sensitive during pregnancy.

“I have a hairy belly and have also started plucking them the end by my ship button,” confesses hollysmumbump.

“I pluck out the large ones (mine are thick and dark), yet leave the fuzzy ones! I figure the midwife has absolutely seen worse things!” says BR2B. 

Hayleyspirit regrets resorting come shaving. “I have actually a hairy belly too. It’s quite lightish but I have the right to really see them once I’m in the bath. It’s horrible and I’ve shaved it twice! but I wish i hadn’t, as it’s worse then ever! My very own fault.”

Karen130770 agrees. “My hair is blonde but it stands the end on end like it’s obtained permanent revolution – it’s very off-putting, however whatever you do – DON’T cut IT! no a good look when it grows back.”

Does a hairy belly mean you’re having a boy?

This is a typical old wives’ story – hairy belly way you’re transferring a boy. Therefore what walk our mums find?

“My belly acquired hairy in my first pregnancy and then went ago to normal after birth. I had a boy. It’s gained hairy this time ring too. I’m having actually a young this time too,” states Lauly.

“Glad to understand I’m not the only one v a hairy bump!” claims Hayley_JC. “We currently know we’re having a boy so that wives’ tale is true on ours part.”

Two thumbs up for the old wives, however wait, what’s this…

“I had a really hairy tummy – ns looked like a chimp! i was tempted to shave it however thought better of it,” claims says hushpuppy before adding, “I had actually a baby girl!” .

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“I have a hairy belly. Everybody appears to be speak it’s a sign of a boy but I am having actually a infant girl.I also got hairy in mine last pregnancy which to be a girl!” says hollysmumbump.

Looking a bit 50:50. Wednesday say, reap your new hair, particularly if you can offer it a comb-over, and wait to see…