As we’ve seen amongst Generation Stream, TV is constantly serving together a mood administration tool. We’ve uncovered that ‘mood’ is a two-way street. On one hand, the atmosphere directs streamers come what they watch, and also on the other hand, what viewers clock directs their mood.

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Given the the recent presidential discussions incited a selection of moods across political affiliations, we wanted to view if viewers tuned right into the current presidential and also vice presidential debates, and also whether or not mood affected their post-debate the town hall behavior. 

Here’s a look at what we’ve learned: viewers are engaged and tuning into the presidential debates.

Amazingly, nearly all viewers (97%) are planning to poll in the 2020 election. In fact, 84% think it’s crucial to clock the presidential debates and 59% of our viewers common that castle look forward to them.


Most are watching to stay up-to-date on messages, platforms and initiatives (76%) — they want to stay informed! One viewer stressed the prominence of city hall the debates: “It’s my public responsibility.”

On the other hand, part watch the arguments for social currency, specifically to have something come talk around with girlfriend afterwards. A few viewers even held watch parties and created drinking games out the the viewing experience to keep it engaging and also light. 

Despite viewers’ appreciation and also interest in the debates, castle had an adverse feelings tied to the controversy itself. 

The most common feelings that viewers felt while watching the arguments were: annoyed (83%) and exhausted (64%). 

We likewise asked them come share your debate-related feeling in their own words. They shared that castle felt:


How walk viewers decompress after ~ the debates? Comedies! 

Following the debates, viewers common they were searching for content that was fun, straightforward to watch and also lighthearted. They claimed that the disputes were “….disheartening and also I needed something irradiate to make me laugh,” and “we necessary something lighthearted that would certainly not reason anxiety…something funny that we had seen before (no guessing the ending).”

At, we have actually a term for watching lighter content after heavier contents as a way to decompress; we call this ide Palate Cleansing. We very first discovered this habits when viewers were turning to comedies, choose The golden Girls, automatically after the town hall The Handmaid’s Tale. We’ve likewise seen this trend extend to other dramas on ours platform. 

Likewise, adhering to the debates, we observed that world were looking to decompress indigenous the heavy content by transforming to comedies. Reflects that civilization watched following the presidential and vice presidential debates include: family members Guy, Bob’s Burgers, American Dad, and Seinfeld. viewers especially shared:


Other palate-cleansing contents included: home innovation shows (like windy City Rehab and also House Hunters International) and reality competition shows (like Shark Tank, Dancing with the Stars and The Weakest Link). viewers were additionally drawn to news and also late night talk shows after the debates.

In enhancement to watching comedies, viewers likewise tuned right into news contents for a recap that the night and to “hear a failure of think post-debate.” height news programming included Hannity, The Ingraham Angle, Debate evaluation on MSNBC and ABC News Live. 

Late night speak shows like The Late present with Stephen Colbert, The Tonight display Starring Jimmy Fallon and also Jimmy Kimmel Live likewise topped ours viewership after ~ the debates. 

Learning from mood-based streaming.

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If she interested in learning more about exactly how Generation stream is leveraging atmosphere to choose content, we’ll soon be share our MoodTube report top top the Generation stream Hub. You can also find more information ~ above’s choice 2020 campaigns here.