Southwest has always had an excellent entertainment options, yet now it’s even simpler to access.

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Don’t have actually the application downloaded?

No problem, due to the fact that inflight entertain is now streaming “app-free”!

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What’s brand-new With Southwest Inflight Entertainment


Southwest has made part recent transforms to their inflight to chat options, i m sorry has constantly included access to movies, TV and also music.

Now you have the right to stream this media directly to your smartphone, laptop or tablet instead of downloading the app for access.

The boosted entertainment portal is currently obtainable on WiFi-enabled plane (which is supposed to be every Southwest aircraft, though periodically the WiFi doesn’t work), using a compatible device.

How walk Southwest Entertainment occupational Before?

Prior to these current changes, passengers had actually to download the Southwest app before boarding a trip in order to accessibility the entertainment portal.

After perfect a series of steps to connect to Southwest WiFi, passengers to be able to access movies, TV and music.

If friend forgot to download the app before you boarded, your only option to be to salary the $8 dues to access Southwest WiFi and also then download the app.

Otherwise friend were the end of happy in terms of utilizing your entertainment options.

How walk it job-related Now?

After the recent improvements to the in-flight to chat portal, passenger still need to finish the complying with steps however don’t require the application to carry out so.

Go right into settings and switch to plane mode, then rotate on WiFiChoose Southwest WiFi from her network listIf the portal doesn’t fill automatically, form into the attend to bar that your net browserYou may now reap your FREE entertain by accessing the on this web page

In enhancement to movies, TV and music, Southwest additionally gives you accessibility to FREE messaging utilizing iMessage or WhatsApp, as well as destination guides for your arrival city.

Why we Love the brand-new Southwest entertainment Portal


It’s straightforward to use and FREE!

Once you’re in trip you don’t have actually to issue if you remembered to download the application (or download your own movies at house beforehand), due to the fact that you don’t need it to accessibility Southwest’s choice of totally free movies and also TV.

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How sad is the to realize you necessary an app that you can’t download while paris to clock a movie on your flight?

The streaming portal bring away that tension away and permits you to watch what you desire without one app.

Less stress is always good especially as soon as traveling with kids!

Enjoy her movie…

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