The MythBusters target to uncover the fact behind famous myths and legends, mixing scientific method with gleeful curiosity and also plain old-fashioned ingenuity to create their very own signature format of explosive experimentation.

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Motor mastermind Richard Rawlings searches because that forznjke.comtten and neglected vintage cars. That needs large projects and big profits to store the doors open up at Gas Monkey Garage in Dallas, TX.

The Kilcher family worked out in one isolated community outside that Homer, Alaska 80 years, seek a more cost-free and simple means of life. Endure life off the grid as the Kilcher household works together to survive as homesteaders in the Alaskan wilderness.

Moonshiners to extremes to illegal produce and also distribute white lightning. Yes a king's ransom wait for those bold enough to take it, however the police are an ext determined than ever before to record them red handed. The day of reckoning might be just about the bend.

The vehicles come in all shapes and also sizes and have one thing in common: the need for speed. The chauffeurs will hazard everything and also do something to make thetop 10 perform of the fastest cars. If you're no on the list, friend don't matter.

Faced with the difficulties of a changing market and a require to build mind-blowing bikes, the Teutuls should push their limits on every signature build, and also in true Teutul fashion, antics are abundant as Paul Sr., Paul Jr., and Mikey proceed this wild ride.
What happens as soon as you put two complete strangers - sans clothes - in some of the most extreme environments on Earth? every male-female duo is left v no food, no water, no clothes, and only one survival item each together they effort to survive on their own.
From the frigid Yukon Territory, lush forests of Belize, snow-capped Rocky Mountains and also barren deserts the the American Southwest, phibìc America, reveals that "survival the the fittest" is truly the law across this immense continent, amid threatening terrain and ferocious weather.
No one builds bigger or badder diesel trucks than hefty D, Diesel Dave and the crew at Dieselsellerz. Their mega builds and truck giveaways space the ingredient of legend. Follow the team in ~ Dieselsellerz together they trick out trucks, working hard and playing harder in the process.
Expert homesteader Marty Raney, in addition to his daughter Misty and also son Matt, provide struggling families a 2nd chance at making it through off-the-grid. The stakes room high, yet the Raney family is determined to prepare these households for nature’s worst and collection them up for success.
Life isn't basic for the znjke.comld dredgers in the frontier town of Nome, Alaska, whereby a modern day znjke.comld sirloin is underway. However that doesn't avoid them from hunting znjke.comld in among the world's most inhospitable places - the bottom of the frozen Bering Sea.
Naked and Afraid alumni room stranded together in the wilderness there is no food, clothes or shelter. Come survive, they'll need to master the brutal environment, produce their own society with rule and try to resist the advice to madness out.
Born and also raised wild, the Brown family members overcomes nature's obstacles as they battle for faith, family and freedom in the remote wilderness.
Follow the resides of ambitious miners together they head north in search of znjke.comld. With new miners, new claims, brand-new machines and new ways to traction znjke.comld the end of the ground, the stakes are higher than ever. But will large risks bring about an also bigger salary out?
A new twist top top a playground classic, David Dobrik master an epos sporting adventure in all-new arena where everyday people end up being heroes.

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Expedition Unknown chronicles the adventures of Josh entrances as that investigates unsolved top stories across the globe.