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A CBS All access subscription will get you accessibility to local channels and also live TV. CBS DirecTV Now allows you come watch regional ABC, CBS, FOX, and NBC contents in select markets.

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Hulu + Live TV streams regional ABC, CBS, FOX, and also NBC content in choose markets.PlayStation Vue allows you to watch local ABC, CBS, FOX, and NBC content in choose markets.Sling TV streams local ABC, CBS, FOX, and also NBC contents in choose markets.YouTube TV streams regional ABC, CBS, FOX, and also NBC content in pick markets.

Some regional news networks are consisted of with a YouTube TV subscription. Roku/YouTube

Quick tip: If you have an active cable TV subscription, girlfriend can likewise download official network apps (like ABC, NBC, FOX, etc.) to clock these networks on your Roku.

Hook one antenna as much as your Roku TV

Hooking up an HDTV antenna to a Roku TV is another means to choose up local and also national channels. Monitor the on-screen instructions on her TV to set up over-the-air tv via Roku.

Screen-mirror from another device

You deserve to mirror her iPhone to your Roku machine using the Roku mobile app or apologize AirPlay.


The screen mirroring controls are uncovered in the mechanism section of Roku Settings. Dave Johnson/Business Insider

If the neighborhood TV channel you"re looking for isn"t ~ above Roku or a third-party app and also only streams online, friend can shot Miracast if you have actually an Android or windows device.

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Miracast, together you can probably guess from the name, winter your screen on supported gadgets (which contains Roku). To usage Miracast top top Windows, open up the Action Center and click Connect. On her Android device, insanity Settings, then Connected Devices, then Cast.

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