You deserve to watch Fox sporting activities (FS1) live without cable using one of the complying with sources: fuboTV, Sling TVHulu + Live TVAT&T TV, Vidgo, or YouTube TV. In this article, we’ll aid you decide which streaming option is finest for you.

We likewise created a free channel guide for Fox Sports that you can use on any machine with a net browser. Our TV guide lets friend explore current or upcoming Fox Sports events anywhere, anytime.

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Watch Fox sports on fuboTV

Source: fuboTV

FuboTV is a well-established web TV company that’s wonderful competition for Sling TV. And if you’re a sports fan, and also in particular, a Fox sporting activities fan, this is a organization for you.

FuboTV Pricing and Packages

FuboTV offers up over 100 channels in the fubo Starter package, and all of its packages include Fox sports 1 and Fox sports 2. To obtain Fox sports 1, all you require is the simple “Fubo” package, which prices $64.99 per month.

To learn much more about fuboTV’s pricing and packages, click here.

Family7-day cost-free trial$64.99/ month
114 channels
3 coincided streams
500 hrs of DVR space
Sports add to add-on
Family arrangement with Showtime7-day complimentary trial$74.99/ month
114 channels
2 coincided streams
500 hours of DVR space
SHOWTIME included
Sports plus add-on
Ultra7-day totally free trial$84.99/ month
196 channels
3 simultaneous streams
500 hours of DVR space
SHOWTIME included
Sports add to add-on
*Note the in stimulate to view the Family, Entertainment, and Ultra plans, you need to first press "Start cost-free Trial." ~ you develop an account, you"ll see every one of these plans.

FuboTV Channels

All of fuboTV’s packages will carry out over 30 sports networks, consisting of NBC sporting activities Network, ten Bein sporting activities channels, Golf Channel, NBA TV, FuboTV Network, and also Eleven Sports. And most recently, fuboTV likewise obtained broadcast rights for ESPN, making the the most finish sports-focused streaming service on the market.

To learn an ext about fuboTV’s channels, click here.

FuboTV sustained Devices

fuboTV is also easily accessible on many devices, consisting of Roku, Fire TV, to apologize TV, and Chromecast.

The full list of apps includes:

TV streaming media players: to apologize TV (4th gen and also up), Amazon Fire TV and TV stick (1st gen and up), Chromecast and Roku (2, 3 and 4)Smart TVs: Android TV (4.4 and up)Game consoles: NoneMobile devices and tablets: Android and iOSDesktop browsers: many Mac and also PC browsers

Click here to learn more about fuboTV’s machine support.

FuboTV coincided Streams

If you sign up because that fubo Starter, the organization offers 3 streams per account. Girlfriend can obtain up to 10 streams through the $9.99/month Unlimited screens add-on. This is consisted of for complimentary in higher-tier packages. Come learn more about fuboTV’s coincided streaming policy, check here.


A 250-hour cloud DVR is immediately easily accessible with the Starter subscription. Need an ext space? You deserve to either upgrade to a higher-tier subscription or pay $16.99/month to acquire 1,00 hour of storage. Come learn much more about fuboTV’s DVR, click here.

FuboTV On-Demand Library

There’s a 72-hour replay feature available with fuboTV that offers you many channels’ content on-demand within 72 hours of airing. That consists of sports content from Fox Sports. However, you’ll uncover most networks have a library the older content on-demand as well. Furthermore, you deserve to use your fuboTV login information throughout a number of channels’ separation, personal, instance apps and websites to unlock more content accessible from those channels.

Source: Hulu

Hulu + Live TV is a unique organization that blends the on-demand attributes of Netflix, with the live TV features options similar to YouTube TV, Sling TV, and also others. It also comes in ~ a lower price than several of its competitors.

Hulu + Live TV Pricing and also Packages

For $64.99 every month, Hulu + Live TV supplies Fox sporting activities 1 and Fox sporting activities 2, alongside 75+ various other channels, and an expansive on-demand library.

Hulu + Live TV7-Day totally free Trial$64.99/ month

To learn an ext about Hulu + Live TV’s pricing, click here.

Hulu + Live TV Channels

You’ll also find the Hulu + Live TV comes with other sports networks you might be after. ESPN, ESPN2, EPSNews, and ESPNU are accessible through the service. If you need a rest from sports with entertainment, you’ll get local networks through ABC, NBC, Fox, and CBS, and popular cable entertain TV channels like AMC, History, HGTV, and Discovery, among many others.

Click here come learn much more about Hulu + Live TV’s channel options.

Hulu + Live TV supported Devices

Hulu is a an excellent option for anyone who desires to use a streaming service across a big number of devices. Hulu offers machine support for much more devices than most of its competitors, including the Nintendo Switch and also Xbox consoles, number of smart TVs, and most famous TV-connected streaming devices, prefer the Roku, to apologize TV, and also Amazon Fire TV.

The complete list of devices includes:

TV streaming media players: to apologize TV (4th gen and up), Amazon Fire TV and also TV Stick, Chromecast and Roku (most models)Smart TVs: LG TV (select models), Samsung TV (select models), Android TV and also Roku TVMobile devices and also tablets: Android (5.0 and up), iOS (11 and also up), Amazon Fire (tablets)Game consoles: Nintendo Switch, Xbox One and Xbox 360Desktop browsers: many Mac and PC browsersSmart house devices: Amazon Echo present (video and voice controls)Desktop operation systems: Windows 10 (dedicated app)

To learn more about Hulu + Live TV’s supported devices, click here.

Hulu + Live TV simultaneous Streams

By default, Hulu + Live TV offers 2 machine streams at once. However, girlfriend can increase this with the Unlimited display add-on to gain 3 streams external your house network, and an countless number of device streams when all of the gadgets are associated to your residence WiFi network. This expenses $9.99/month.

To learn more about Hulu + Live TV’s coincided streaming policy, click here.

Hulu + Live TV DVR

Hulu is generous through its DVR by providing a 50-hour cloud DVR as component of the subscription package. You deserve to upgrade that to 200 hours using the magnified DVR add-on, which prices $9.99/month. Girlfriend can integrate this with Unlimited displays for $14.99/month. 

To learn much more about Hulu + Live TV’s DVR storage options, click here.

Hulu + Live TV On-Demand Library

Hulu started as an on-demand challenger to Netflix, and it has grown also larger in the year since. Hulu + Live TV is a newer option, however Hulu generously includes the whole on-demand library as part of the package in ~ no added cost to subscribers. That makes Hulu’s on-demand option the ideal of the entire market because that live TV streaming services.

Additionally, you can use her Hulu log in info to get accessibility to countless of your channels’ individual apps and websites, opened up even more on-demand streaming options.

To learn more about Hulu + Live TV’s on-demand library, click here.

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Watch Fox sports on Sling TV

Source: Sling TV

Sling TV, i m sorry is own by dish Networks, is possibly the best and current leader in a la carte live TV streaming. Sling TV has two options: Sling Orange and also Sling Blue. Because that those who desire the finest of what Fox Sports has to offer, Sling Blue is what you’re looking for.

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Sling TV Pricing and also Packages

Under the Sling Blue package, which prices $35 to purchase and also comes v a 7-day complimentary trial, you will do it have access to end 45 channels. These channels include Fox sports 1, Fox sporting activities 2, and also Fox local Sports.