Yep, it’s feasible to walk between the two nations – and a TikTok video clip is going viral because that showing just how it can be done.

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A new user znjke.come TikTok has gone viral for saying there’s a means to walk znjke.come Russia every the way from the united States.

Laub Andrew do his tiktok debut through a “geography lesson” top top February 22 that features the two Diomede Islands out in the Bering Strait, which separates the 2 countries.

Big Diomede is a 29sq km island that is a part of Russia and tiny Diomede is a 7.2sq km island that is part of Alaska.

“These islands are just two-and-a-half miles (4km) apart, which way that in the winter as soon as the water freezes, you can walk native the United claims to Russia in just 20 minutes,” he explained.

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“To make matters also crazier, large Diomede Island is 21 hours ahead of little Diomede Island,” he ongoing while he traction up picture of the 2 islands.

“Which method that if you to be to walk from the United says to Russia, you’d literally be walking into the next day. This is why lock call tiny Diomede island ‘Yesterdayland’ and large Diomede ‘Tomorrowland”.

Within 2 weeks, Andrew’s video clip has racked up an ext than 1.1 million likes, more than 39,700 shares and also 7900 znjke.comments.

However, human being who to be looking front to travelling to Russia on foot will likely be disappointed to know the water in between the 2 islands has actually not frozen in years because of climate change.


Anyone wanna walk znjke.come Russia v me?

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According to an interview by science Magazine, environmental co-ordinator Opik Ahkinga at little Diomede states the Bering Sea hasn’t really frozen due to the fact that 2012.

“We haven’t viewed a an excellent freeze up due to the fact that 2012. When I say ‘freeze up’, I average there was no open up water to it is in seen around both islands for 2-plus miles (3.2km),” she said the magazine in 2019.

“(Instead) we saw locations of open up water top top both the north and south sides of huge Diomede.”

Likewise, a report native National geographic says the temperature had actually gone up in current years in ~ both islands.

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