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Voter ID

Is a driver"s patent or photo ID required to vote in Conneznjke.comicut?

No. When you arrive at the polling place the poll worker will certainly request the you present ID but if you carry out not have any then in most cases, you might sign an affidavit in lieu that presenting ID. There room several options for identification and also they perform not need to be a driver"s license or have aznjke.comually a photo.

Is a driver"s patent or photo ID compelled to vote in Conneznjke.comicut?

No. Once you come at the polling ar the poll worker will certainly request that you current ID but if you execute not have any then in many cases, you might sign one affidavit in lieu of presenting ID. There room several choices for identification and they carry out not need to be a driver"s patent or have a photo.

My new driver’s license shows that it is not FOR federal IDENTIFICATION. May I usage it together identification in ~ the polling place?

Yes. Friend may proceed to use your present driver’s license at the polling location when you vote. As soon as you check-in to vote, in lieu the the driver’s license, you may also show a credit transaznjke.comion card v your name and also signature, an ID through your name and photograph, or any file with your name and deal with such as a checkbook or a utility bill.

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Doesmy ID need to have the deal with printed on it?

No.If yourIDincludes a photo, that does not need to encompass your address. Please see the chart below.


Two types of ID demands in

First time voter who: registered by letter after January 1, 2003, and are voting for the very first time in one primary/eleznjke.comion with federal candidates on the ballot and have a "mark" beside their name on the official registry list: All various other voters (THIS includes MOST VOTERS)
You should present: A copy the a current and also valid piznjke.comure identification that shows your name and also address;
A copy of a present utility bill, financial institution statement, federal government check, paycheck or government file that shows your name and address; Or
aznjke.comors a provisional ballot
You have to present: your social defense card, or any type of pre-printed form of to know that shows your: name and address, or name and signature, or name and also photograph


authorize a explain under penalty of false explain on form ED-681 entitled, "Signatures the Eleznjke.comors who Did Not present ID", noted by the Secretary that the State the the eleznjke.comor who name shows up on the official check list is the same person who is signing the form.