Celebrities are bigger than life, however when they move from this human being to wherever znjke.comes next their legacy often lasts. So lot so that strangers and fans go out of their means to visit their graves!

Well the an excellent news is the you can znjke.come to be one that those people, if it tickles her fancy. Here, in no particular order mind you, are 10 graves of the rich and also famous, the you have the right to visit.

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1. Whitney Houston

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This stunning songstress passed away in 2012 after ~ accidentally drowned in a tub due znjke.come both drugs and also heart disease. She is buried in Fairview Cemetery in Westfield, new Jersey next to her father man Russell Houston who passed away in 2003. She grave marker is in the form of a teardrop, and engraved with ‘The Voice’ and her well known song lyric: “I will always love you”. Her daughter was additionally buried alongside her ~ her recent death.

2. Bruce Lee

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Certainly the most well known name in the martial arts world, Bruce Lee passed away in July that 1973 as soon as he was just 32 year old after ~ an allergic reaction znjke.come aspirin. Although the would never ever reach the peak of his fame, his potential has actually meant the his grave has actually been a renowned spot for fans to visit. That is located in Seattle’s Lakeview Cemetery. Lee’s grave sits beside the grave of his boy Brandon Lee, who passed away from a pistol accident in 1993.

3. Princess Diana

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Princess Diana passed away in 1997 adhering to a vehicle accident, and was buried a week later on at Althorp, the large estate the the Spencer family (her maiden name). Despite an enormous turnout because that the ceremony, i beg your pardon was also seen by document numbers top top television, Diana was buried privately. She grave is situated on one island in ~ the grounds that Althorp Park.. A path with 36 oak trees, one for every year of her life, leader to the lake. No one is permitted to visit the lake itself, however you have the right to visit a shine near the island in between July and also early September.

4. Michael Jackson

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The King that Pop died in June that 2009 and also the entire human being seemed to stop. His death is considered one of the most seminal moments in internet history with plenty of sites crashing just from the volume of world attempting to check the news. Jackson’s household wanted him znjke.come be hidden at their residence in Neverland, however it was against state law. Instead he to be entombed in September at the woodland Lawn Memorial Park in Glendale, California. The is located in the Holly Terrace section, i m sorry is private, however memorials are located near by.

5. Audrey Hepburn

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Audrey catalen Ruston, likewise known together Audrey Hepburn, was an actress and also humanitarian native Britain considered one the the most naturally beautiful females of all time. She died in Switzerland in 1993, age 63, of a rare cancer the originated in the appendix. She was interred in ~ the Tolochenaz Cemetery in Switzerland, a tiny cemetery that overlooks the village.

6. Elvis Presley

Elves Presley, the king of rock ‘n’ roll died in respectable of 1977 after ~ overdosing on prescription drugs. Gift the performer the he was, Elvis ended up having two relaxing places. Initially the King was hidden in a mausoleum in forest Hills Cemetery in Memphis. However, so plenty of fans and also souvenir seekers messed through his grave that the whole thing (which included his mother’s body) was relocated to Graceland where whey remain. You deserve to see Presley’s grave on the Graceland tour, and much more than 600,000 world visit every year.

7. Marilyn Monroe

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Marilyn Monroe, born Norma Jean Mortenson, renowned as the 1950s most popular sex symbol, died in 1962 after ~ a probable suicide. Her death was so unforeseen that countless didn’t know how to respond. She was only 36. Monroe to be interred at crypt number 24 in the Corridor of Memories in ~ the Westwood village Memorial Park Cemetery. Thousands of people came to pay your respects, and that proceeds to this day, where world are precise falling end themselves to be hidden near her. One auction because that the crypt over Monroe’s reached $4.6 million.

8. Candid Sinatra

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Francis Albert Sinatra, a.k.a. Open minded Sinatra, to be a jazz and also traditional pop singer not shortly forgotten, even though the died way back in 1998. The Rat pack star was hidden in the Desert Memorial Park, Cathedral City, California add by a pack of Camel cigarettes and also a party of Jack Daniels. If you’re planning to visit there room a variety of other famous encounters (or headstones) in the grave as well Sonny Bono. Carved into Ol Blue Eyes’ headstone are standard lyrics: “The best is yet to znjke.come”.

9. Mrs Austen

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A renowned English novelist, jane Austen was never recognised while she was alive for her znjke.composing achievements. Ladies at the moment did not write, and she was no able znjke.come publish her functions under her name, v them instead being listed as written “by a lady”. Austen started to feel unwell in 1816, and also her health declined until her death the adhering to year for factors unknown. She to be 41 years old. She was hidden at Winchester Cathedral, in the west division. There now stands a plaque the makes keep in mind of she literary achievements, yet it was only locations there some time after her death.

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10. Jimi Hendrix

James Marshall Hendrix gone into the world in 1942 and also left it together Jimi Hendrix just 27 years later on in 1970. He was a absent artist and celebrated musician that holds a ar in the Rock and also Roll hall of Fame. He died as a an outznjke.come of a drug overdose, and also was embalmed prior to being interred at Greenwood Cemetery in Renton, Washington. His body was later on moved to a lot bigger memorial, which functions a dome the granite almost 30 feet high.

Which well known graves have actually you currently visited?


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