If girlfriend love When call the Heart, chances space you’ve heard that the Hearties family members Reunion. This multi-day gathering supplies a opportunity for super-fans that the Hallmark Channel collection — who’ve called themselves Hearties — come meet actors members, visit the set, and connect with others that love the show.

The first Hearties household Reunion took place in 2016 and quickly came to be a lovely tradition. But it’s been virtually two years because the last together gathering, i m sorry took place in Vancouver in October 2019. So, will the occasion return in 2021?

What is the Hearties family Reunion? 

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erinkrakow) October 8, 2019

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The Hearties family members Reunion is a special occasion for fans of When calls the Heart. The organizers call it a “one-of-a-kind fan experience” and also “an remarkable behind-the-scenes possibility for fans to visit the set of hope Valley, meet the cast and also crew, and interact with other Hearties from approximately the country and globe!” 

The many recent event lasted numerous days and also included appearances by countless When phone call the heart cast members. Erin Krakow, Pascale Hutton, Kavan Smith, chris McNally, Kevin McGarry, Jack Wagner, Andrea Brooks, Aren Buchholz, Loretta Walsh, Ben Rosenbaum, and Javien Natt were among the actors in attendance. Those associated in the present behind-the-scenes also participated, including Brian Bird and Michael Landon Jr. Writer Janette Oke, who wrote the novels that influenced the show, was additionally there. (You can examine out photos native past events on Flickr.) 

In other words, the Hearties family Reunion is usually a dream vacation for Hearties, especially since it involves a visit to the james town Movie Site, aka the real-life expect Valley. 

No Hearties household Reunion is reserved for 2021

Sadly because that fans, there aren’t any kind of concrete plans in ~ the minute for a sixth Hearties family reunion.

“Currently, we execute not have actually a future Hearties household Reunion scheduled,” the event organizers told Showbiz Cheat paper in one email. However, fans have to keep an eye on the Hearties family members Reunion website, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram accounts “for updates as they come to be available.” 

Can friend visit ‘When call the Heart’ filming locations? 

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A general view the atmosphere throughout a visit come the collection of Hallmark’s When call the Heart in 2016 | Andrew Chin/Getty Images

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Though yes sir no Hearties family Reunion ~ above the horizon, specialized fans may be wonder if it’s feasible to visit the show’s set. 

When calls the heart is filmed on the james town Movie Set. The set is located on MacInnes Farm, a working family members farm in Langley, brother Columbia. It has additionally served together a filming place for a number of other shows and movies, consisting of Scary Movie 4, Riverdale, and Once ~ above a Time, owner Melanie MacInnes stated in a 2019 interview v My dedication Thoughts. 

It is possible to take it tours the the farm when production is no happening. However, those have been suspended till further an alert because that the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, follow to the farm’s website.