Preparedness Checklist because that Nursing Homes, assisted Living Facilities and also Long-Term care Facilities

Nursing homes and other long-term treatment facilities can take measures to assess and also improve their preparedness for responding to coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19). This checklist need to be used as one device to construct a substantial COVID-19 solution plan, consisting of plans for:

Rapid identification and also management of ill residents.Considerations because that visitors and also consultant staff.Supplies and resources.Sick leaving policies and other occupational health considerations.Education and training.Surge volume for staffing, equipment and supplies, and also postmortem care.

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Long-term care facilities deserve to use this tool to self-assess the strengths and weaknesses of current preparedness efforts. This checklist walk not describe mandatory requirements or standards; rather, the highlights important locations to review to prepare for the opportunity of residents with COVID-19.

COVID-19 Preparedness Checklist for Nursing Homes, assisted Living Facilities and other Long-Term care Settings


Things infrastructure should perform nowEducate Residents, medical care Personnel, and also VisitorsEducate and also train HCP.Reinforce sick leave policies. Remind HCP not to report to work-related when ill.Reinforce adherence to infection prevention and also control measures, including hand hygiene and choice and usage of personal protective devices (PPE). Have HCP demonstrate competency with putting on and removing PPE.Educate both facility-based and consultant personnel (e.g., wound care, podiatry, barber) and also volunteers. Including consultants is important since they often administer care in many facilities and also can it is in exposed come or offer as a resource of microorganism transmission.Educate residents and families including:Actions the facility is acquisition to defend them and their loved ones, including visitor restrictions.Actions residents and also families can take to defend themselves in the facility.Provide supplies for Recommended epidemic Prevention and Control Practices

The best way to protect against severe illness, hospitalization, and death is to obtain vaccinated. Girlfriend should also avoid being exposed to the virus (and stop exposing various other people). You can likewise prevent condition by practicing tried and true public health mitigation measures. This is how:

Hand toilet supplies:Put alcohol-based hand sanitizer with 60–95% alcohol in every residents room (ideally both inside and also outside of the room) and also other resident care and also common areas (e.g., outside dining hall, in treatment gym).Make certain that sinks space well-stocked v soap and paper towels because that handwashing.Respiratory hygiene and also cough etiquette:Make tissues and facemasks available for coughing people.Consider designating staff to steward those supplies and encourage appropriate use by residents, visitors, and staff.Make necessary personal Protective tools (PPE) available in areas where resident care is provided. Put a trash deserve to near the exit inside the residents room to do it simple for staff to discard PPE prior to exiting the room, or prior to providing treatment for one more resident in the same room. Facilities should have actually supplies of:Facemasks.Respirators (if accessible and the facility has a respiratory security program through trained, median cleared, and also fit-tested HCP).Gowns.Gloves.Eye security (i.e. Face shield or goggles).Consider implementing a respiratory protection program the is compliant through the OSHA respiratory defense standard for employees if not currently in place. The regime should incorporate medical evaluations, training, and fit testing.Environmental cleaning and also disinfection:Make sure that EPA-registered, hospital-grade disinfectants are easily accessible to enable for regular cleaning the high-touch surfaces and also shared resident care equipment.

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See more information about preparing for COVID-19 at long-term treatment facilities, assisted living facilities and also nursing homes.

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