There’s $3.27 left on your Visa gift card. Room you scratching her head wondering how countless packs of gum you can purchase? put down the calculator; we’ve acquired news because that you. Go you recognize that you can use your Visa gift map on Amazon? all you have to do is monitor the straightforward steps below.

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How To usage A Visa Gift card On Amazon

1. Walk to Amazon’s ‘Reload her Balance’ page

2. Go into the lot on your Visa gift card into the custom amount box (see arrow in image below).

3. Authorize in to her account during checkout; this stepmay be skippedif you’re currently logged into your Amazon account.

4. On action 2 "Choose a payment method", click on "Add a credit transaction or debit card"in the payment techniques box; you’ll climate bedirected come a "Add a credit or debit card" prompt(see arrow in image below).

5. Go into your gift card info in the stated fields and also click "Add your card"; if you’re unsure as to which surname is ~ above the card, over there is aphone number top top the earlier ofyour gift card the you can call to reference the information. Note: for Gift card Granny approve Visa and Mastercard gift cards,you can simply go into yourname.

6. Pick your gift card you just included as the payment method. Check that your selected payment technique is thegift card you"ve simply added. For the billing address, over there is a phone call number on the back of your gift card the you can contact to reference the information.Note:For Gift map Granny authorize Visa and also Mastercard gift cards,you can chooseyour typical Amazon account billing or shipping address.

7. Evaluation the quantity you"re going to it is in loading to your Amazon gift card balance and click "Place your order" at any time you"re ready!

Still wonder why this is useful? Imagine you have seven Visa gift cards v funds varying from $1.89 to $17.54. Rather of using each gift card separately, you can combine your Visa gift map balance for a lump sum of money to invest on Amazon. Together an added bonus, over there is no minimum or maximum amount forced on your Visa gift card to reload her Amazon gift map balance. Please note the Amazon requires a minimum of $0.50 to be loaded to your Amazon account, for this reason if your Visa or Mastercard gift card has actually fewer 보다 50 cents available, girlfriend won"t be able to do this.

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Don’t forget the your Visa gift map may have an expiration date. Reloading her Amazon balance is a good way come avoid shedding the funds!

As an included tip, use the steps listed below to redeem her Amazon gift cards or to add a new Amazon gift map to your account.

How To use Amazon Gift Cards

Find the case code top top the back of her Amazon gift cardSign right into your Amazon account; if you execute not have actually an account, click the ‘No ns am a new customer’ button and also make one accountAccess ‘Your Account’Click top top the ‘Gift cards’ buttonClick ~ above the ‘Redeem a Gift Card’ button under "Your Gift map Balance"Enter the Amazon case codeClick the ‘Apply to your balance’ button