Use Amazon Gift Cards because that Prime member and video clip Subscriptions

When making purchases top top Amazon, it’s commonly a great idea to load up top top Amazon gift cards if you can acquire them at a discount, or by to buy them at stores wherein you have the right to earn 5X in credit card rewards. That can be an office supply save or a supermarket because that example. However one problem has been the Amazon borders what you deserve to buy with your gift card balance.

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Now there’s an excellent news because that those that choose to usage Amazon gift cards. Amazon has made a positive change and will certainly let you use your gift map balance to salary for your Amazon prime membership and for Amazon video subscriptions.

To allow this setup for her Amazon element membership, just go here and also click “Update her payment method.”


Then scroll down to the finish of the perform of cards that you have in her account and check the box for “Use her gift map balance once available.”


For you video subscriptions friend can change it here.


A positive adjust from Amazon, which lets you net some extra savings once renewing your Amazon prime subscription or payment for video clip services. The process is quick and easy to set up, so just do that now before you forget.

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