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When I decided to walk for the 30-day Amazon element membership trial, I believed my gift map balance would certainly be offered to immediately pay for the subscription once the attempt ended. To mine surprise, my gift map balance was no used and also I didn’t desire to usage my debit map to pay because that it.

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The gift map balance I had actually was much more than sufficient however all Amazon prime benefits were canceled once the psychological ended. Ns no much longer had accessibility to 2-day totally free shipping and I to be no much longer able to watch movies on element Video. Back I have no idea why Amazon wouldn’t let you usage your gift card balance to pay because that Amazon element membership, friend should recognize there’s a means to bypass this.

I was able to perform this and the trick is rather simple. Every you need to do is just sending a gift of Prime to yourself. Because all I have actually on Amazon is a Nigerian debit card and a Payoneer map (even though I ship to a US resolve all the time) I got this error trying come pay for Prime video clip subscription even on the mobile (Prime Video) app:

To subscribe, a U.S. Billing and payment technique are required.

I to be willing to usage my debit card but Amazon still wouldn’t allow me. Mine gift card balance to be useless and also my debit card wasn’t accepted for Prime video clip because that wasn’t authorize in the united States.

If you’re dealing with a similar issue and would favor to pay for her Amazon prime membership utilizing your gift card balance, follow these steps:

1. Be sure you’re logged in to her Amazon account and go come this page.

2. Choose the the 3-month or 12-month plan and also click Add prime to Cart.

3. ~ above the next page, click Proceed come Checkout.

4. Enter your Amazon login email as the recipient’s email. Click Save gift options come continue.

5. Ar your order and pay utilizing your gift map balance.

6. After properly placing the order, you must receive an e-mail with details on exactly how to redeem her Prime gift.

7. Monitor the attach in the email and log in to her account.

8. Check you want to usage your email for redemption and you’re good to go.

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Does this yes, really work?

It sure does. This is exactly how I had the ability to pay for a year Amazon element membership making use of my gift card balance.


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