Amazon will credit the gift card when it gets redeemed on your account and also this procedure is instant. Every you need to do just go and check the balance on your gift card from here:

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My girlfriend who has actually made a wrong by redeeming it on a wrong account and now he wanted that value back to gift map by acquisition out of that account. Yes, this thing is possible when ns chat through an Amazon representative.

He simply asked the Gift map ID and if the balance status is not claimed in order, this deserve to be credited.

But, how to educate the situation?… Let’s see just how did I perform that and you can apply the exact same to obtain your Amazon gift card balance unredeemed.

There is no various other additional means to this, you can select the Call technique or Email, simply I indicate to usage the chat (if available) as this is quick and best to share information like Gift map ID or insurance claim code.

Let’s recognize the procedure to unredeem the Amazon gift card and transfer the GC native one account to another.

Can you monitor an Amazon gift card?

Yes, if you want to track her card you deserve to do so favor if the Gift map is redeemed or claimed in any type of order. In this case, you have to take assist of Amazon gift card customer organization to discover out if the gift card is still supplied or not.

How to Unredeem Amazon gift card:

If you have redeemed your gift card to a wrong Amazon account and now desire it come revert it ago & move to an additional account climate you have to take assist of Amazon customer service to make this happen.

In my case, I just asked Amazon customer care if a gift card can be checked & reversed. I got a confident reply.

Yes, one of two people you have a physics gift card or Egift map both can be traced and also reversed if that has actually not been claimed. Simply go to assist section on your account and also initiate chat or call with one agent and also follow the steps:

Let them know the kind of her Gift CardFirst thing first, in ~ the begin just inform the kind of map you have actually like that is a physical gift card or Egift card.

That the first thing lock asked because that in mine case.

Share the problem and provide gift map ID once AskedNow, allow them know how just you redeemed it this not correct account and describe the problem and they will be much more friendly to aid you out. Details like Gift map ID or insurance claim code is mandatory come in this step.

As you view they will need the Amazon Gift card ID or insurance claim code in stimulate to check the condition of the card.

Request to Unredeem the Amazon Gift cardFinally, inquiry them to revert the gift card to its resource card ID and also they will do it if the gift card has not been offered in any order or claimed.

Can I deliver Gift card to an additional Account?

Once your Gift card amount is credited ago then you can redeem it to another account. Keep in mind that gift map cannot be supplied to acquisition digital products yet you deserve to buy Ebooks v it.

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That is true that have to take assist of Amazon service centre come unredeem Gift map or to move it to an additional account but this took only much less than 15 minutes in my instance to obtain it resolved.