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NEW YORK - five travelers were stopped with pepper spray by transport Security management officers in ~ LaGuardia airport yesterday, Sept. 17. desires to repeat travelers the pepper spray and also related compounds well-known as mace and also OC spray are prohibited native being carried into the cabin of an airplane.

Just yesterday 5 women were quit by police officers at LaGuardia plane checkpoints all before noon since they were delivering pepper spray in your carry-on bags. One of the women had actually two canisters that pepper spray with her. Nobody of the cases were related.

All that the travelers quit by the officers said that they were transporting the pepper spray because that self-defense. However pepper spray additionally can be supplied as a weapon. Pepper spray, mace and other self-defense sprays space stopped at airport checkpoints nationwide every day due to the fact that they room prohibited indigenous being brought onto planes in carry-on baggage.

In confirm baggage, passenger are allowed to have actually one 4 fluid ounce container that mace or pepper spray v a maximum concentration the 2 percent energetic ingredient noted that the container is equipped through a safety system to protect against accidental discharge. It’s necessary to note that most pet repellants exceed this volume and concentration limitations.

When officers detect prohibited items, such as pepper spray, in a passenger’s carry-on bag, the travelers are given a choice. They deserve to return the article to their vehicle, hand it turn off to a non-traveling companion, location it right into their confirm baggage or surrender it come Pepper spray is illegal in some jurisdictions and travelers should examine local laws prior to trying come travel v it in their confirm bags.

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From the photo above, you have the right to see that plenty of travelers end up surrendering their pepper spray to, i beg your pardon treats the pepper spray as hazardous material for cautious handling and disposal. 

Passengers who room uncertain if an item is permitted to be inserted in a carry-on bag, checked bag, either, or neither, deserve to visit and type in any kind of item in the peak right-hand edge of the homepage where it says: “When i fly have the right to I carry my...” The above detailed description of the limitations on pepper spray are provided in the comfortable “Can I bring my...” attribute on’s website. The same attribute is a part of’s free downloadable “” app.