My youngsters just got aspecial gift sent out straight native the phibìc Pole! In this box, theydiscoveredElf Pets: A Saint boy name Tradition. They are so excited due to the fact that we all love the vacation season and also the St. Bernard puppy adds to the north Pole magic and Christmas spirit. This brand-new addition to our vacation season will certainly be a fun new tradition because that ourfamily with reading the book, snuggling with the puppy, and also helping others. This write-up is sponsored by the creators the the Elf on the Shelf however all opinions expressed room my own. Please see listed below for extr disclosure.

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Arctic Fox, 2 Saint Bernards (one because that my son and also one because that my daughter v one pull in an accessory outfit) and the snuggly reindeer

Elf ~ above The Shelf Pets: Arctic Fox, Reindeer, and also Dog (Saint Bernard)

If you are wondering, “What room Elf Pets?” They room a heat of furry friends made by Elf ~ above The Shelf that have the right to be supplied in conjunction with the elves or through themselves. Every of the Elf ~ above The Shelf Pets bring its very own special tradition that adds to the magic of the Christmas season.

How countless elf pets are there? There space three. The Elf on The Shelf Reindeer, Elf pets Artic Fox, and also Elf pets St. Young name Dog.

How carry out Elf pet Work? What room The Elf pets Rules?

Elf pets are an excellent for youngsters of all ages. Below are some usual questions and also answers about Elf on The Shelf pets.

Do Elf Pets have magic?

Yes. There are 3 types of pets and also each adds to the magic of Christmas.

Elf top top The Shelf St young name or an ext officially, Elf pet Saint bernard Tradition, inspires Christmas cheer v kindness and an excellent deeds. He helps collect sufficient Christmas Spirit!

The Elf top top The Shelf Reindeer or more officially, Elf pets Reindeer Tradition, inspires Christmas love and magic to aid santa’s sleigh fly.

Elf ~ above The Shelf Fox or an ext officially, Elf pet Arctic Fox Tradition, inspires Christmas hope and also joy.

How To introduce Elf on The Shelf Pet:

You can fin Elf Pet adoption centers in ~ your local stores or they have the right to be ordered by mail. One of two people way, the box set includes a brand-new best friend/ pets from the phibìc Pole that can stay year round so your boy can help build the Christmas magic year round. They will love having actually their very own Elf pets so castle can help with Santa’s yuletide mission to grow and also spread the true heart of the Christmas season- hope, joy, love, and also kindness.

Can girlfriend touch Elf on The Shelf Pets?

Yes, absolutely. The Elf Pets are meant to it is in loved and cuddled (unlike the Elf ~ above The Shelf enlightenment Elves).

Do Elf Pets relocate every night?

Since youngsters are urged to love and also cuddle v Elf Pets, they don’t require to relocate on their own as the children will relocate them. So, no, lock don’t move every night.

Do Elf top top The Shelf pet leave? perform Elf Pets remain all year?

While The Elf top top The Shelf Elves perform leave top top Christmas Eve, Elf pet don’t have to leave. Our Elf ~ above The Shelf Saint Bernard continues to be for year ring cuddles and collects Christmas cheer year round.

Add To phibìc Pole Magic v Elf Pets: A Saint young name Tradition


The Elf Pets: A Saint boy name Tradition are so much more than just a puppy and a book- they room a possibility to begin a fun brand-new family Christmas tradition and means to include to the magic that the north Pole v your family. The Elf top top The Shelf Saint boy name is on a mission to collect Christmas cheer for Santa. Youngsters can help the Elf top top The Shelf Dog by being nice and also doing great things.

My children had so much fun simply unboxing the brand-new Elf on The Shelf Pets: A Saint boy name Tradition! right here is a short video so you can see how they reacted:


The Elf on The Shelf animals Are A great Conversation Starter

That night as I tucked my daughter right into bed, she snuggled up v “Bernie Pie”, our new Saint bernard pup, and also I inquiry her, “Did you understand what that story was about?”

She said she certain did and that “It was about doing pretty things and also being beneficial to help grow the north Pole magic”.

“Exactly”, ns nodded at this wise answer. “What carry out you think you deserve to do?” ns asked.

“I can stop chasing ‘Squish’ roughly until that screams,” she said. (Squish is a nickname she offered her brother.)

“Oh”, I said wondering if she really got the full message the the story.

Then she said, “And I can stop calling the ‘Squish’.”

“Yes,” ns said. “That would be a an excellent start!”



Elf ~ above The Shelf St Bernard legacy includes:

Children’s storybookPlush Saint boy name Puppy with a barrel featuring a magical love charmKeepsake Box

Visit come learn an ext or find an adoption center near you.

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Elf Pets: A Saint bernard Tradition is a good addition for family members that already have The Elf top top the Shelf: A Christmas Tradition. However, the is additionally a was standing alone product. My youngsters can’t wait to present their brand-new pup, Bernie Pie, to their Elf top top The Shelf, Stewart. They asked when their Elf top top The Shelf will certainly return and also I told castle they should probably expect him to return between Nov. 25–Dec. 2, this year’s enlightenment Elf Return Week. In the median time, we will all obtain to enjoy connecting with their new Elf Pet.

Do you think your son would choose a special North Pole friend? which of the Elf on The Shelf Pets do you think would be your favorite?

I initially published this short article on November 4th, 2016 but because then we have grown our Elf Pets repertoire so I included a photo of my kid with ours enlarged repertoire to the optimal of the post and also I am republishing this.

What are several of your favorite Christmas traditions? just how do you assist spread holiday cheer and add to north Pole magic with your family?

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Amy Galyon says

November 25, 2016 at 2:33 pm

Ok through the reindeer elf pet, it supplies the cheer and also love to assist Santa supply his presents, but what walk the pup do after Christmas? execute the kids keep him year ring or does it go back to the north pole with Santa?? anybody have any type of ideas?????