We’re countless months right into a worldwide pandemic (have you heard?) v no finish in sight, and while the shouldn’t must be said, please: protect against throwing in-person parties. And definitely don’t throw a party at her rented Airbnb—if you do, you can be banned native booking through the organization in the future.

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Airbnb has actually largely prohibited parties since long before COVID-19, placing a ban on “unauthorized” gatherings. Many hosts additionally disallow occasions in their home rules. But due to the fact that the pandemic began, Airbnb has actually removed the choice for listings that explicitly enable parties and also events, and the platform has now put a worldwide ban on next at all detailed properties.

What that means in practice: friend won’t be able to book a building to accommodate more than 16 people.


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Airbnb’s announcement additionally states that, “parties are currently prohibited on all future bookings.” the doesn’t clearly ban girlfriend from having actually an unbooked guest or 2 hanging out in her rental, yet notes the Airbnb doesn’t sanction smaller gatherings and will obtrude the rules versus “groups of any type of size.”



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If friend do organize a party and you’re reported (by a neighbor, for example), you’ll likely be banned from making use of Airbnb in the future. The firm has also taken legal activity against a guest that threw a party in Sacramento previously this month, and also it no seem skeptical to perform so against future violators. Master that openly allow huge parties may also face consequences.

Basically, don’t be irresponsible. You do not do it be throwing or attending big gatherings all over right now, and you certainly shouldn’t it is in clubbing or partying in a rental home. If you’re utilizing Airbnb, book a residential property that allows the variety of guests you intend to sign up with you, and also follow the host’s rules.