As appealing as the option can sound, you can"t take it the satellite online — it have to be administered on document at a designated check center. However, there space a lot of SAT prepare resources obtainable online and some alternative testing choices for those who room unable to take the check under conventional circumstances.

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This post will explain when it will be feasible to take the satellite on a computer and also what that will look like, and what resources are open to girlfriend in the meantime.

The current Online testing Situation

The satellite is not right now offered online, but the College plank is supposedly to plan to market a computerized version of the redesigned 2016 test at some allude in the future. There are no concrete dates as that yet. Because of the COVID-19 pandemic, the College board had taken into consideration offering at-home digital SATs in loss 2020 if in-person testing wasn"t possible. However, in June castle announced they"d no longer be going forward through that plan, and also future SATs will certainly still be organized in-person.

The action has currently started administering part tests top top the computer, though so far only through school districts. (International students are compelled to take the action on computer!) If you authorize up because that the check yourself, you"ll tho be acquisition it top top paper.

Despite these changes, there"s unlikely to ever before be at-home digital testing (at the very least not any type of time soon). For one thing, it would be difficult to guarantee the the experimentation experience is standardized. (Of food there"s some variation in between testing rooms, yet it"s much much less than the variation in between people"s homes.) an ext importantly, it would be really, really easy to cheat.

What Computerized trial and error Will look at Like

We"ve covered just how online experimentation won"t work, but you might still be wondering what taking the sat on a computer system will be like. Though it"s impossible to know for sure, I"ll market some predictions based upon the computerized ACT and GRE.

You"ll Still have a set Test Date and also Location

Assuming that the college Board provides the very same structure together ACT, Inc., the computerized test will certainly be administered at collection test centers and on details dates. You"ll usage the test center"s computers, which will certainly be set up come lock the end all programs except the test, and also you"ll be intended to follow every the exact same rules that apply to the SAT currently (no cell phones!).

It will Look a Lot like the khan Academy exercise Tests

As I"ll explain in more depth below, the college Board has actually partnered v Khan Academy come provide cost-free SAT exercise online, including online exercise tests. The style is very comparable to the GRE, a computerized test also administered by ETS. Watch the images listed below to gain a sense of the format.



You deserve to see the complete time in the optimal left and also the time continuing to be in the top right. Each page contains one passage (on the left) and its associated questions (on the right). Top top the bottom, directions are on the left and also navigation is top top the right.



Writing look at pretty lot the exact same as analysis — simply slightly various introductory text.



Since there room no passages, each math question is top top its very own page. There"s also much more information in the bottom left, including a attach to the formulas noted with the test.

You"ll use a indigenous Processor for the Essay

Probably the biggest upside of taking the sat on a computer system is the capability to kind the essay. This can be hugely valuable to students who are much more comfortable top top the computer, however keep in mind that, unlike a constant word processor, the test won"t instantly check her spelling or grammar.

As you have the right to see, the computerized SAT at some point won"t it is in that different from its paper incarnation.

SAT resources That Are easily accessible Online

Even despite you can"t take it the actual test online, the College plank offers tons of satellite information and resources on their website. You can:

The university Board likewise offers a complimentary test prep regime through khan Academy. It contains full main practice tests, extra practice questions, and helpful math testimonial videos. Unfortunately, the doesn"t offer lot guidance for the reading and also writing sections, therefore I would recommend supplementing it through a more strategy-focused guide.

There are additionally a many unofficial satellite materials, of differing quality, obtainable online. has actually both excellent complimentary resources (just scroll v the object on the appropriate sidebar to uncover what you"re feather for) and a best-in-class adaptive satellite prep program.

Testing Accommodations

If you to be hoping to take it the plot online since you have actually a learning difficulty or physical disability or can not reach any kind of of the obtainable test centers, the university Board supplies accommodations that can make the test an ext manageable for you.

If You struggle With the file Test

If you have actually a learning disability, visual impairment, or other problem that makes the record format the the test an overwhelming for you, you might qualify for SSD accommodations. These can encompass using a bigger bubble sheet, taking the essay section on a computer, or also having a scribe document your answers for you.

If friend Can"t with a check Center

If the nearest satellite testing center is an ext than 75 miles from her home, you can request testing closer to her home. Need to the college Board grant your request, they"ll set up a more conveniently located testing center.

Keep in mind the there are some exceptions: friend can"t request closer-to-home trial and error when registering so late or in India and Pakistan.

What"s Next?

Do you have other concerns about registering because that the SAT? inspect out our full guide come the procedure (with pictures), review up on the admission ticket, and learn just how much the check costs.

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Make sure you know what to expect on test day, including how long the test takes, the test instructions, and also the rule you should follow.