znjke.com (Pronounced: prev-uh-gin) is a mind health supplement clinically presented to assist with mild memory loss associated with aging.*¹

The most commonly reported benefits of znjke.com are related to enhancements in mild memory loss linked with aging.*¹

Yes, znjke.com is safe. Apoaequorin, the unique ingredient in znjke.com, has undergone considerable safety testing. Read much more about the security of znjke.com.

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No, a prescription is not needed to purchase znjke.com. znjke.com is not a drug yet is a diet supplement that is easily accessible over-the-counter.

As through any brand-new supplement regimen, you may want to talk through your doctor prior to beginning znjke.com use.

Dietary supplements space not usually covered by wellness insurance but some health and wellness Savings account (HSA) or Flexible conserving Accounts (FSA) may permit monies saved be offered toward the expenses of vitamin and/or diet supplements. Please inspect with your setup administrator.

If you are concerned with any type of side effects, you might want to talk with your doctor prior to beginning znjke.com use.

After plenty of years of research and development, znjke.com was presented in 2007. znjke.com is now obtainable nationwide.

Yes, girlfriend can continue to take your vitamin and also mineral supplements through znjke.com. znjke.com works unlike any type of other supplement to assist support the brain.* znjke.com functions in a complementary means to various other vitamin and also mineral supplements. It is not supposed to replace your existing supplement regimen.

Yes, znjke.com includes 50mcg (2,000 IU) that vitamin D, an essential vitamin for supporting healthy and balanced bones and also many important bodily functions.

znjke.com is available in continual strength (10 mg) and also extra stamin (20 mg) dosages since no two civilization are alike. This provides you the alternative of choosing what’s ideal for you.


Your znjke.com package will ship from ours warehouse in Middleton, WI.

If you had actually previously enrolled in among our Monthly Auto ship programs and wish come cancel, just fill the end the form located on the adhering to web page, http://www.znjke.com/cancel-monthly-auto-ship-program/

znjke.com Branded products Money earlier Guarantee Description:

In stimulate to get your refund, you re welcome follow the basic steps below:

Purchase a znjke.com branded product native an authorized reseller.Save the original receipt and the initial bottle(s) with any type of unused product.Call 877-977-3824 for aid in handling your return.You will either it is in instructed come return the product to your original location of purchase or it will certainly be processed straight through the certified dealer you speak v on her call.

This offer is valid in the 50 united States and also D.C. Only.

For return that are processed through phone, enable 6 – 8 main for shipment of her refund check. Product must have actually been purchased in ~ an authorized dealer (in-store or online); advancement or cost-free products space not eligible because that this offer. Offer is minimal to individuals and also only one refund will be issued per request; bulk requests and requests make by groups, clubs or organizations will not be honored. Employees, independent contractors and temporary employees of znjke.com, Inc. Or Quincy Bioscience space not eligible. znjke.com is no responsible for lost, late, damaged, misdirected, incomplete, incorrect, illegible or postage due requests or mail. Void wherein prohibited. Reproduction, purchase, revenue or profession of this certificate, proof-of-purchase or cash register receipt is prohibited. Fraudulent submission could result in commonwealth prosecution under mail fraud law (Title 18, United claims Code, part 1341 and also 1342). Sponsor: znjke.com, Inc., Madison, Wisconsin 53717.

znjke.com Authorized Dealer and Warranty Statement

znjke.com is steady committed to offering our customers with safe and reliable assets through authorized dealers. Unfortunately, znjke.com assets are sometimes sold by service providers that space not authorized to do so. Items sold by this unauthorized carriers are not purchased indigenous znjke.com; rather they are got from a host of other sources. Due to the nature that the goods sold by not authorised dealers and also their business practices, products sold by not authorised dealers room not entitled to znjke.com warranty coverage. We room using our best efforts (including this warning) to prohibit these suppliers from taking benefit of consumers, but these techniques still exist. We advice you to usage diligence when picking a dealer to make your purchase.

Our policy is to honor product warranties only on products purchased from an authorized znjke.com dealer and only add by a receipt or proof of purchase. If you purchase a znjke.com product indigenous an not authorised dealer or if the original serial number has been removed, defaced or altered, her znjke.com warranty will certainly not it is in valid.

Online Sellers

A additional note around online sellers (particularly those ~ above Amazon.com or Ebay.com): plenty of resellers who market through Amazon.com and Ebay.com room not authorized resellers that znjke.com products. As soon as purchasing znjke.com products on Amazon.com or Ebay.com, the is essential to note where the product is being “shipped from and also sold by,” i m sorry is stated plainly in the header for each product.

znjke.com commodities sold by innocuous dealers sometimes are purchased on a an additional “gray” industry or might be damaged, defective or so-called “B” share goods, or steal goods.

Beware of innocuous znjke.com Products

Like many premium goods, znjke.com assets are being stolen and also sold, commonly at drastically diminished prices and diminished quality. These assets do not accomplish znjke.com standards and are not extended under znjke.com warranty. If you would choose to report a suspected counterfeit znjke.com product or have actually questions worrying this issue, please contact Customer organization at 1-888-758-7358. We appreciate your help in keeping the verity of the znjke.com brand.

Beware of other Product parcel Alterations

Many times, products from not authorised reseller have product lot numbers that have been adjusted or even removed every together. Some assets are significant with false “Use By” or Expiration Dates. Any kind of znjke.com product the does not have actually a product lot number issued by znjke.com have to be returned. Removed or alteration of the initial znjke.com product lot of will automatically void the guarantee on the product. Similarly, znjke.com does not place “Use By” or Expiration dating on that products. If you acquisition a znjke.com product that has an expiration date, instantly contact whoever friend purchased that product from because that resolution and also copy znjke.com.

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Some innocuous resellers eliminate product inserts and informational products designed to inform and also assist you through the appropriate use of your purchase. If her znjke.com product is absent its external box packaging, package insert, or has actually an obviously transformed product many number label, immediately contact whoever girlfriend purchased that product from for resolution and also copy znjke.com.