Staying sign language is encourage for great health. So plenty of people lug a water bottle wherever castle go.

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It’s organic that you desire to lug your water party on a aircraft in your hand luggage once you travel.

This post is around getting the water bottle past the transportation security management check point.

It’s quite basic really.

TSA Rules about Empty Water Bottles

The transport security administration rules around empty water bottles room clear:


You can lug an north water bottle v you ~ above a aircraft in either carry on luggage or checked luggage.

Your water bottle needs to it is in empty as soon as you pass v the defense checkpoint. The TSA officer can ask to examine inside her water party to make certain it is empty.

However, friend are complimentary to refill your water bottle after you have made it through the protection checkpoint.

Your water party does not have to be empty as soon as you plank the plane. It only demands to it is in empty throughout the airport security check.

So ~ security, discover somewhere come refill her empty bottles such as from water fountains or a familiar barman, many airlines quiet provide totally free water therefore the air steward could be may be to help you out too.

You can additionally purchase a bottle of water native a shop and take that on to the aircraft or fill your very own from it.

What types of water bottle have the right to you carry on a plane?

All water bottles space not equal. Let’s check the Twitter chatter around the TSA and water bottles.

Clarity want to know if she could take an empty glass water bottle in she purse together hand luggage:


Even despite glass water bottles deserve to be heavy and could be used as a bludgeon castle are permitted in hand luggage. The
AskTSA organization on Twitter provided her the green light.

Next Arnie request the TSA about his huge stainless stole water bottle:


And north stainless stole water party are enabled too.


Empty plastic bottles are fine too.


And friend can carry a hydro flask:


How huge of an north water bottle can you lug on a plane?

There is no dimension limit for your empty water bottle. So long as that fits in her carry-on suitcase or your personal item bag.

You can even be able to take frozen water through airport security, you’d must live an extremely close come the airport to gain through security before it melts.


The Verdict

The liquids preeminence relates to liquids and not your containers. So lengthy as your water party is north you will be able to bring that in her hand luggage without any type of problems.

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The last decision is always taken through the TSA officer at protection screening yet there is nothing in the guidelines versus empty water bottles.