Customers deserve to travel with their tiny cats and also dogs for just $26 or 800 Guest Rewards points

WASHINGTON – announced todaythe development of itspet programallowing client to travel through theirdogs and cats up to 20 pounds onboard weekday Acela trains for only $26 or 800 Guest Rewards points. Previously obtainable for just weekend trips, there will be eight pets spaces because that sale per exit (one per customer) and also arebookedon a first-come, first-served basis.

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“We space delighted to expand our pet regimen to weekday Acela trains,” stated vice President, Northeast Corridor business Line Caroline Decker. “Our customers will now have an ext options for traveling v their pet on the Northeast Corridor.”

Pets will certainly be enabled in all cars, other than for very first Class or café cars. Pet mustremain in a carrierat all times and carriers shouldremainunder theirseat. proceeds to welcomeservice pets onboardat no charge. To check pet eligibility, all customers need to read and also sign aPet Release and Indemnification Agreementfor each travel segment.

This brand-new amenity is component of several current upgrades ~ above the Acela, consisting of the growth of the scheduled Seating giving for Acela Business class customers, which allows travelers come view and select their seats before traveling, consisting of those accessible in the Quiet Car, and carry out a snapshot of the in its entirety of the train’s capacity. In addition, has continues its intensified cleaning protocols in ~ stations and on trains and brand-new measures to supply aNew standard of Travel, including:

Requiring confront coverings: Per federal law and policy, all customers and also employees need to wear a confront mask or spanning that completely covers the entire mouth and nose, fits snugly versus the side of the face, and secures under the chin at all times while onboard and also in stations.Air Quality:All of our trains space equipped with onboard filtration equipment with a new air exchange rate every 4-5 minutes.Physical distancing: Signage has been shown at ours busiest stations to suggest safe distances in high traffic areas. In addition, security plastic barriers have been set up at customer counters at our busiest stations.

More than 174,300 pet andtheirhumancompanionshave traveledaround the country due to the fact that the program released on the Northeast Corridor in October 2015. The regime has additionally generated much more than $4.338 million in revenue because its inception. For an ext information’s pet policy,

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This year is celebrating its 50th anniversary. For five decades has done its component to connect America, transforming a classic kind of transportation, maintaining those aspects of train take trip that are timeless, if modernizing those that are ripe for it. will proceed to play an essential role in the nationwide transportation network because that the following 50 years and beyond by giving travelers v a safe, efficient and also reliable experience. While a lot has actually changed, what hasn’t readjusted are the fond memories and essential business that train travel have the right to provide. This year, is setting a new standard that travel. Come simplify and safeguard the travel experience, brand-new cleaning and convenience measures are component of every customer’s contactless journey. Leveraging a medical director and also public health and also safety team, we are committed to operation a safe, environmentally efficient and also fiscally responsible business. Publication travel, examine train status, accessibility your eTicket and much more through the app. Learn an ext at