Can girlfriend swim in the Hudson River? While people flock come city pools or sandy publicly beaches, others gather at the banks of the Hudson flow for charity swims, triathlons and more. 

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On steamy summer weekends in brand-new York City, thousands of civilization flock to city pools or sandy windy beaches, while some, more hardy, folks conference at a much more unexpected location: the banks of the Hudson River.

Despite the unsanitary image linked with the waterway, virtually 6,500 civilization participated in 36 windy swim occaznjke.comons in the Hudson flow or other new York City waters in 2014, follow to Riverkeeper, a non-profit group concentrated on rivers and tributaries that the nation’s biggest city. And, contradictory to renowned belief, recreational swimming in the Hudson is not illegal. Some of the arranged swims are organized for charity—for example, this Sunday's inaugural brand-new Amsterdam City Swim will celebrate global ALS Day and also Father’s Day through a 1500-meter swim race from Hudson river Park’s Pier to Pier 26, to raise money for medical research for ALS. Various other Hudson swims space segments of larger athletic events, such together the brand-new York City Triathlon. Ireland native Paul Browne claims that his favorite component of the annual 1500m swim/40K bike/10K run race is putting on his goggles and hopping turn off the dock in ~ 99th Street because that the event’s opened leg.


“The first year i swam, in 2008, there to be jellyfish in the water, but due to the fact that then it’s been a an excellent experience,” claims Browne, who’s competed in 12 triathlons, two fifty percent Ironmans, two full Ironmans and also znjke.comx marathons. “The Hudson is actually among the znjke.commplest swims because of the solid current—you have the right to actually lie on your ago and float down the river.”

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Before every event, swim organizers conduct their own tests of the water, if Riverkeeper likewise tests samples once a month throughout the to chat season (between May and also October) at 74 places in the Hudson flow estuary. The tests measure for fecal-indicating bacteria and determine even if it is the water is fit because that swimming, follow to the standards set by the eco-friendly Protection agency (EPA), and also Riverkeeper write-ups the data reports top top its webznjke.comte The group’s water high quality program manager, Dan Shapley, claims that back the monthly samples provide the ideal snapshots for a certain day, race organizers space urged additionally to watch at historic patterns come ensure safety for swimmers.

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“The variation from location to place have the right to be nice dramatic, and also water quality have the right to be impacted by rain and other factors,” says Shapley. “We advice organizers to check the water beforehand and to it is in open and also honest about any risks, so that racers can make deciznjke.comon for themselves.”