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I was gaining a channel on my it"s antenna, it was a digital channel namedHeroes and also Icons. I m sorry showed different Star trek collection 6 nights a week additionally old shows, Combat and also Tour the duty top top the off night. Has actually anyone come across this channel on your

H&I is concerned MeTV. Both are part of Weigel broadcasting. Unfortunately, no are available as apps. Over there is a MeTV application for Android the streams the live channel, however nothing for H&I. does have an application for Comet, another sci-fi oriented network, that streams the live channel.

Thank you Andyross - i just had actually the very same question around Heroes and Icons . I can not find your price on the site yet did fined it with firefox. Thanks much.

No but I wish they would certainly live currently it due to the fact that the area I"m in the channel doesn"t constantly come in on mine antenna

Many of the same mirrors that you"ve watched on H&I deserve to ben seen on Pluto, Tubi, and also even the application itself; although, it"d be yes, really nice to have an H&I streaming service.
There room several vital programs on H&I the aren"t obtainable on other platforms such as tourism of Duty, Combat, 12 O"clock High and also others.
As with any kind of streaming channel the ideal thing you can do is politely create weigel and ask them come stream h&i and all their other channels. The more people that write them the an ext likely they space to one day add a app. The is exactly how we acquired services prefer stirr because there was civilization asking for these channels.

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I have it under Sling on mine box. If you go throughout all the stations, you"ll uncover some real goodies that were added.
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