AT&T TV, rebranded together DIRECTV STREAM, is one American-based multi-channel streaming organization that provides cable or satellite live TV services. It offers almost 100+ live TV channels and 65000+ video clip On demand movies and TV series. That is the largest service provider and also offers various subscription plans. Entertainment, the simple subscription fill starts indigenous $69.99/month for 65+ live TV channels and also goes up to the Premier pack that expenses $139.99/month because that 140+ live TV channels. The subscription had premium channels like HBO Max, Showtime, etc. You have the right to enjoy local sports through 250 hrs of cloud DVR storage and also 20 simultaneous streams. If you space wondering how to Chromecast DIRECTV STREAM, the procedure is relatively simple.

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Since the at&t TV application is currently rebranded together the DIRECTV STREAM, you deserve to use the app as an present or brand-new customer. The app is compatible through Chromecast through default, and so you can directly cast the content. Or you can also cast the at&t TV native the DIRECTV STREAM site via the Google Chrome web internet browser from her computer.
2. Now, install the at & t TV (DIRECTV STREAM) app on her Android smartphone from the Play store or top top the iOS device from the application Store.



7. Wait for your smartphone display to get cast onto the TV screen.8. As soon as done, select any video you desire to stream and hit play.Related: How to Chromecast Univision

Chromecast DIRECTV present (AT&T TV) – different Way

1. Attach your Windows/Mac computer system to the same WiFi network together that of your Chromecast streaming device.2. Now, start the Google Chrome net browser.3. Visit the website with the aid of the deal with bar.

4. Then, choose Stream. Select any type of category girlfriend want.5. Choose Watch DIRECTV.6. Then click Watch Online.7. Click on any video clip you want and choose Sign in. If girlfriend don’t have actually an present account, friend should develop one.

Related: 100 best Chromecast Apps because that Android, iOS & Web10. Select your Chromecast an equipment and Cast Tab native the sources dropdown.11. It is it, and when friend play a video, that will start streaming on your TV screen.

Frequently asked Questions

1. Have the right to I acquire DIRECTV present on Chromecast?Yes, you deserve to install the app on your Android or iOS smartphone and also cast the contents to the associated TV over the residence WiFi network.

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2. Why can not I cast the DIRECTV STREAM?There are miscellaneous for one is not able to cast the content to the linked TV. Shot restarting, updating, and checking connectivity come make certain that whatever works just fine.

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