Gold has actually been mined on almost every corner of California. Although mining is merely a zero of what it when was, there space still numerous places wherein a recreational gold prospector can do an extremely well looking for gold.

Below are few of the richest places to possibility for yellow in California. Examine the present regulations on this areas. Countless are still open to prospecting, however some areas are currently parts of nationwide Parks, exclusive lands, energetic claims, and other designations.

1. American River

The American river was the first place whereby gold was discovered in California. In 1948 James Marshall, an employee of Sutter mill discovered gold top top the southern Fork of the American River. It collection off the largest gold sirloin in American history. Return the easily obtainable gold is lengthy gone, the American flow is tho a an excellent place because that a recreational gold prospector to explore. Gold can be uncovered all along the river, back some locations may have actually richer ore than others. One location to inspect out is the Auburn State Recreation Area the covers components of the Middle and the phibìc forks the the river. Also look for areas of ancient tertiary river channels high over the existing flow which additionally contain a the majority of gold.

2. Randsburg

Randsburg is located in between Boron and also Ridgecrest follow me Highway 395. The little mining town was established in 1895 when the edge Mine was produced following the discovery of gold in the area. Mining finished in the early on 1900s abut few of the lode mines were opened up in the 1980s and 1990s. The area to the phibìc of the city is fairly rich with prospectors recoding many beneficial finds there over the years. Water is limited here but metal detecting deserve to be very productive for nugget hunters.

3. Mountain Gabriel River

This is an additional river that created a far-ranging amount of gold during the early on years that the California yellow rush. Gold was an initial discovered ~ above the san Gabriel river in 1855. The mining boom on the river finished in the 1930s and since then small-scale mining has actually been recurring along the river. One point to keep in mind is that the much of the richest area is now off-limits come mineral exploration due to recent soil designation, so perform your research before you go.


4. Dale Mining District

The Dale Mining district was created in 1881 as soon as gold was found in the area. Number of gold mines were developed in the area v the two most fertile mines gift the it is provided Mine and the yes mine. Mining continued in the area until the 2nd World War when the last staying mines were closed down. This particular day the district is well-known with yellow prospectors who use dry washing and metal detecting to uncover gold. The an ar has yellow close to the surface and this provides it easy for miners to recoup as much gold together possible.

5. Bodie

Bodie is a historical mining district in gold-rich California. Yellow was found in the area where the existing Bodie town lies in 1859 and also by the mid-1870s it to be a successful boom city with numerous gold mines and thousands that miners. However, the well-off ore was quickly mined out and also the town began to decline. Now body is a ghost town however the region around the town still provides a many promise to yellow prospectors. That is now one that the best preserved mining communities in California and also popular with visitors.


6. Yuba River

This is among the ideal California’s wealthiest rivers come visit if you desire to discover some real gold. The flow was in ~ the heart of the original California gold rush and also still produces gold nuggets for the tenacious yellow prospectors. One of the finest places to prospect for yellow on the river is the southern Yuba River. In years past, dredgers found pounds and also pounds of yellow in the gravels the the Yuba River. Dredging is currently banned in California, however other methods will still create a most gold in part areas.

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7. Malakoff Diggings

The Malakoff Mine was the largest hydraulic mine in the world in the 1880s but created a many devastation downstream on Yuba river which resulted in a court case. The instance was made decision in 1884 once the presiding judge offered the phibìc Bloomfield Gravel Mining firm which activate the mine an injunction protecting against the damping the the tailings indigenous the mine in the river. This marked the end of the mining operations in ~ the mine. The mine was later turned into a state park.


The Malakoff Diggin’s in California’s mommy Lode Country. This is the biggest hydraulic mining website in the USA.

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8. Fatality Valley

The death Valley has a long history of gold mining the dates ago to 1848. Today many of the death Valley soil forms component of the death Valley national park. The park has around 20 patented cases and about a fifty percent unpatented ones. Miners deserve to visit the park and also prospect for gold. Being a regulated prospecting area the park still has actually lots of yellow in the ground but many of the great areas are now off-limits.

9. Feather River

The Feather river like most rivers in California was home to numerous thousands of miners throughout the an initial California gold rush in 1849. Today the flow still offers great opportunity to recreational gold miners to prospect and also find gold. If you desire to discover some real goals then you should also consider the little creeks and also streams the feed the main river. This little waterways still have actually rich placers as many prospectors skipping them.

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10. 16 to One Mine

The 16 to One Mine was created in 1911. The mine is famous for that high-grade gold and also quickly came to be one that the most abundant mines in ~ the Allegheny mining district in California. This day the sixteen to one mine is a large property sit on 550 acres of land consisted of of the original Sixteen come One Mine, and the neighboring mines and also claims such together the Ophir, the Red Star, the Rainbow, the Twenty one and the Tightner. This is a private mine, but there room certainly locations in the surrounding hills that space unclaimed and likely come contain decent gold.

11. Kennedy Mine

The Kennedy mine was the deepest gold mine in the California mom Lode. The mine operated until 1942 when it was closed down before being reopened much later on as a tourist attraction. Today you can visit the mine and pan because that gold both top top the mine property and also on the neighboring areas.


12. Empire Mine

The realm mine situated in Sierra Nevada hills is currently a state historical park. Prior to being closed under in 1956 the mine was among the oldest, richest and also deepest gold mines in the state. Today, the park supplies guided tourism of the mine. In addition, prospectors deserve to prospect because that gold top top the park and on lands surrounding the park.

13. Calico

Calico was established in 1881 following the discovery of both gold and silver in the area. It quickly ended up being one that the richest silver producing towns in California. However, it just took 15 years for the rich ore to it is in exhausted and the city was abandoned. This day the area approximately the initial town is well-known with gold prospectors who come searching for gold and also minerals. The region has verified to be rather rich with plenty of prospectors report success.

14. Eagle’s swarm Mine

The Eagle’s swarm Mine is just one of the best-known yellow mines in California that develop high-grade crystalline gold. The mine is situated in the Michigan Bluff mining district within the gold-rich Placer County. The was created in 1982 by consolidating number of gold specimen producing mines in the area. The yellow specimen mined in the Eagle’s swarm mine are uncovered in narrow shallow quartz veins.

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15. Weaverville

Weaverville is situated in Trinity County, way up in the northernmost ar of California. The town is one of the historical gold boom communities in California, but many prospectors skip the area. Yellow was uncovered here in 1850 adhering to the news the the explorations on the American flow which spurred people to start prospecting rivers all roughly California. Weaverville is still a great place come look for gold, which can be found in the rivers, creeks and gulches bordering town.

16. Klamath River

The Klamath flow was one of the richest sources of gold during the beforehand days the the Californian yellow rush. Gold was found on the river and also on pretty lot all the tributaries and also creeks throughout Siskiyou County. Among the richest deposits were on French Gulch and at Yreka. Now prospectors still discover lots of gold on the flow although the key river is greatly claimed. Few of the finest places to prospect for gold on the Klamath River encompass the Copper Creek, the Happy Camp, the Scott River, the Salmon River, the Trinity River, the clean Creek, and the Oak Bar Creek. This is tho a great area because that prospectors ready to hike into remote locations for a couple of days.


17. Kern River

The Kern River is one of the most renowned gold prospecting rivers in California. Gold was an initial discovered ~ above the flow in 1851 adhering to the begin for the California gold rush. If friend are new to the river, the finest place to begin is the Keyesville to chat Mining area. This area is open up for windy prospecting which renders it perfect for anyone new in the area. Greenhorn Creek is the site of the an initial gold discovery near the river. Numerous prospectors report detect decent-sized gold nuggets here.