“How much does a night within Cinderella lock Suite cost?” That’s a typical question from reader in an answer to ours Photo tourism of Walt Disney World’s many Lavish “Hotel Room.” We’re about to have the answer come that, together Disney has “sold” a 1-night remain in Magic Kingdom’s Cinderella lock Suite. In this post, we’ll cover exactly how that works, and what additional magical extras the suite stay includes.

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We’ve went to the Cinderella lock Suite in Magic Kingdom twice, and it’s incredible–definitely the coolest accommodations (if you deserve to even call it that) at Walt Disney World. Because that those unfamiliar v it, the Cinderella lock Suite was created by Walt Disney Imagineering a tiny over a te ago. Its objective at the time to be to serve as a daily prize because that randomly preferred guests during the Year the a Million Dreams.

Prior to that, it was a practical backstage warehouse space; before that, Walt Disney civilization phone operators provided it as a workspace. (Talk around the ultimate office!) The Cinderella lock Suite is seldom supplied these days, conserve for giveaways about once per year or once celebrities choose Mariah Carey or Tom Cruise make a one-of-a-kind visit.

As for the cost, last year ESPN readily available a night in the Cinderella castle Suite as component of its annual fundraising auction with 100% the the proceeds going come the V Foundation. This is a charitable organization specialized to saving resides by help to find a cure because that cancer by generating broad-based assistance for cancer research and also urgent awareness amongst all americans of the prominence of the war versus cancer. (V foundation has a 94.69 out of 100 top top Charity Navigator.)

However, the auction was not simply for a single night in Cinderella castle Suite. It also included a vacation package for three nights and four days at Walt Disney World, including the following:

Four round trip coach airfaresGround transfers between Orlando global Airport and Walt Disney human being via Disney’s Magical express ServiceRoom accommodations consist of of one traditional room for 2 nights in ~ a Walt Disney human being resort hotel, selected by Disney in its single discretion.Four 4-Day layout Park Tickets v Park Hopper PlusOne Disney Gift Card with a worth of $2,000.One night stay inside the Cinderella lock Suite in Magic Kingdom with pick food and also beverage snacks, breakfast at either Cinderella’s imperial Table or decision Palace.Disney VIP Tour overview for 8 hrs one day

There are a bunch of other disclaimers, rules, and requirements (including the necessity of pre-qualifying to bid) that can be uncovered in the auction listing.


The most vital two things space that the estimated retail worth of the holidays package is $10,644.80, which is the estimated value of all of the Walt Disney human being vacation package add-ons.

This means that we have the right to take the last winning bid and also subtract $10,644 to determine the every night fair sector value of a night in Cinderella lock Suite through itself.


With the said, this at some point a “for fun” exercise to prize the age old inquiry of “how lot is a night in the Cinderella castle Suite worth?” In actuality, the won’t even be may be to provide a critical answer. Because that one, this goes to charity, therefore bidders could be much more generous 보다 if the sole beneficiary were Disney.

For one more thing, there’s the issue of scarcity. To my knowledge, this is the an initial time because the Cinderella castle Suite opened that you can buy your method into it. There’s most likely a many demand and also disposable riches that would evaporate conveniently if the Cinderella castle Suite were available to be booked 365 days every year.


With every one of that in mind, ns think it’d be fun to make part guesses around where this will finish up. Before the auction ending, mine prediction was that the win bid would certainly be $64,499.49.

That’s one obscene quantity of money, yet there space plenty of very affluent Disney fans willing to blow their money. Of course, if the Lopez brothers and also John Stamos catch wind of this, it could result in a six-figures bidding war!


UPDATE: Bidding has actually concluded for the Cinderella lock Suite auction. In the end, there were 114 bids placed and also the winner paid $75,600 (plus $7.75 for shipping…for part reason). Not too much off from our original guess!

We’re guessing the if a night in the Cinderella lock Suite were auctioned off every single day, the mean price would certainly drop considerably listed below that…but tho likely roughly $10,000. ~ all, there room suites in ~ the cool Floridian and Four periods Orlando that fetch nearly that nightly rate!


If you want to see much more glimpses that the rooms inside the suite, check out ours Cinderella lock Suite photo Tour post (that toilet is beyond belief!).

In that, we cover why it’s not realistic for Walt Disney civilization to usage this top top a nightly basis for do a Wish family members or even cash bookings. Nevertheless, it feels almost criminal that it simply sits empty most nights.

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It’d it is in cool if there to be a much more egalitarian method to Walt Disney human being offering nights in the Cinderella lock Suite top top a continual basis, such as the random giveaways like during the Year of a Million Dreams. The was constantly incredibly exciting to see someone who was randomly selected return from their trip and also post around it. Friend couldn’t help but feeling happy because that the winners, albeit with simply a bit of good-natured jealousy.

With Walt Disney World’s 50th Anniversary coming up following year and also the Royal Makeover of Cinderella Castle play a part in that celebration, currently would it is in the perfect time come revive the Year of a Million Dreams form giveaway. Perhaps add some golden flourishes for the occasion, and make a huge deal the it. Couple of prizes at Walt Disney civilization are fairly as exciting as a night in the Cinderella castle Suite!