If you understand someone who loves Disney princesses, you’re in because that a special treat. While friend can’t remain there, you can now take it a virtual tour of the famous Cinderella lock Suite.

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You can take the tourism on TikTok, Facebook, and also Instagram.

The Cinderella castle Suite in Magic Kingdom is the many exclusive hotel room in ~ Walt Disney World, yet it can’t be rented. Instead, the only world who remain there are contest winners or guests invited by Walt Disney World, Disney tourist Blog explains.

The Suite’s Origins

The Cinderella lock Suite didn’t have actually royal origins. It was first planned as a location for Walt Disney and his household to stay as soon as visiting the park, an article on Everything Mouse explains.

However, Walt Disney died in 1966, long before Magic Kingdom opened. According to the article, when Cinderella lock was built, the an are was used for warehouse — and also even to be the office for Disney telephone operator at one time.

The change from humble office room to a beautiful suite wasn’t the work of a fairy godmother, but Walt Disney Imagineering, in 2006. The team decorated and also upholstered the space to create a suite fit for a imperial princess because that the Year the a Million Dreams, Disney traveler Blog notes.

The Year that a Million desires finished in 2008. Since then, Disney has occasionally chosen households to continue to be in the Cinderella Suite, which deserve to sleep increase to six people. A continue to be in the suite has also been offered as a compensation in a sweepstake.

Truly Decorated because that A Princess

Since the Disney Cinderella Suite was built for a princess through the Imagineering Team, the looks precisely the means you expect it come look. Because that example, it’s decorated in “rich golds” through “lavish materials,” consisting of “dark wood and also rich fabrics,” Everything Mouse explained.

The style mimics 17th-century French estates to complement Cinderella Castle’s exterior, the short article continues.

The only way to obtain to Cinderella castle Suite is by one elevator caused using a “Key come the civilization card,” Disney tourist Blog said. Visitors leave the elevator and, first, step into a little marble-floored foyer, which also features a fairy story pumpkin coach.

From there, visitors get in the suite itself, which contains a salon, bedchamber, and also bathroom, which every look together if lock came directly from an yes, really castle.

In the tik video, you deserve to see a “C” above each bed in the royal bed-chamber, a WDW News Today article, i m sorry has more pictures, explained. The video clip points the end that the “C” is for Prince Charming since it first was his castle.

The video clip also shows a portrait that Cinderella hanging above a majestic fireplace, as well as stained glass home windows that look the end onto Magic Kingdom. Various other details include a “magic mirror” TV playing the initial Cinderella man film.

Even the bathroom is fit for a Disney Princess. WDW News Today notes that the bathroom has actually chandeliers that resemble crowns and three mosaics — every made of as much as 10,000 piece — bordering the tub.

It’s too bad you can not visit Cinderella castle Suite in person, but it’s fun to clock the Disney video from the safety and comfort of your home.

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