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A great magnifying glass fire starter is a huge upgrade for a range of survival kits.

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Sure, being able to start a fire v nothing however a lens is quite darn cool, yet there are also several benefits to having actually a magnifying glass handy. For starters, they are not consumable (meaning castle don’t gain used up, like matches, lighters, or ferro rods) and they are very versatile.

The best magnifying glass fire starter is versatile, functional, however most importantly: durable.

We have performed hundreds of hours of research and testing ~ above magnifying glass fire starters, searching to discover the best ones because that value, functionality, your budget, and also portability. If you want to always be maybe to begin a fire with a lens, among our magnifying glass recommendations will do the job.

The Research

The finest Magnifying Glass Fire Starter

Carson MagniFlip 3X pocket Magnifier

The magnifying glass that provided the finest functionality, versatility, durability, and value.

Withstands punishment through the developed in resilient case.

$7 from Amazon*

*Price at time the publishing; inspect for price transforms or sales.


The Carson MagniFlip 3X pocket Magnifier is a small, lightweight magnifying glass solution designed to be long lasting enough for everyday use. V a 1.6″ diameter lens, that is simply the ideal size to conveniently get a little focal suggest for fire starting. The 3X magnification helps put the focal distance not to far or close native the lens itself.

The lens chin is constructed from influence resistant optical plastic, which way you don’t need to worry around it breaking. This additionally makes it very lightweight (1.6 ounces), even with the fastened protective case. All of these attributes make it an excellent choice because that BOBs, GHBs, and standard survive kits.

EDC Magnifying Glass Fire Starter

Best Glide credit transaction Card Fresnel Lens

Magnification anywhere.

Incredibly thin. Ridiculously lightweight. Offered in package of 3.

$6 native Amazon*

*Price at time the publishing; examine for price changes or sales.


The best Glide credit transaction Card Fresnel Lens is a marvel. If you don’t have actually one already, friend are lacking out. Fresnel lenses space so thin (0.4 millimeters) the you can store one pretty lot anywhere- not just your wallet. Stash part in her survival books, play cards, auto repair manual- you deserve to keep a an effective magnifying glass in all of these. If you execute keep one in your wallet, girlfriend won’t an alert it due to the fact that it just weighs 5 grams.

Best that all, they space darn tough and durable. Girlfriend won’t need to worry about breaking your glass magnifying lens due to the fact that they are made the razor thin functional polymer. Best Glide prints part survival quotes on the protective sleeves, and also three of them come in a pack.

Upgrade Magnifying Glass Fire Starter

Gerber be affected by each other Grylls Tinder Box

Wait, a tinder box?

This tinder box has a magnifying glass, mirror, tinder cutter, and storage container.

$30 from Amazon*

*Price at time the publishing; examine for price alters or sales.


The Gerber bear Grylls Tinder box is a totality lot of flexibility packed into one tool. The tinder shaver and storage container can save you numerous hours the feathering wood and also will store the tinder you collection dry. The winter is advantageous for signaling, and also the magnifying glass is, of course, supplied to start fires. It operation a tiny bigger 보다 our other options, yet that is obviously early to extr tools and also versatility.

We’ve reviewed be affected by each other Gryll’s equipment before and found that some of the branded equipment is a an excellent deal. The tinder crate is no exception, and also is reviewed well by those that have actually actually used it.

What is a Magnifying Glass Fire Starter?

A magnifying glass is a unique method to be able to start a fire. That is just one of countless methods that we touch on in ours article:

16 means to start a Fire without Matches

A magnifying glass is a convex lens do from transparent material. Usually, magnifying glasses are offered to magnify photos although they can magnify various other things as well: namely, energy.

A magnifying glass fire starter is a magnifying glass the harnesses solar power to light a fire. Both the diameter and also the focal length are important, due to the fact that they should be a near in order to effectively pinpoint this power in a way that is beneficial for fire starting.

The kind of magnifying glass is important, since it rules out what can and can’t start a fire. Because that instance, if you room nearsighted, her glasses cannot help you start a fire due to the fact that they will disperse the energy. If you are farsighted, however, then you room in luck. You can use your glasses in a pinch to focus the suns energy to a allude and begin a fire. If you have actually a short prescription, it may be more complicated though due to the fact that your focal length will be pretty much away from the glasses and also hard to host steady.

A most usual materials that are used to begin a fire optically are:

GlassPlasticsWater (and Ice!)

Many magnifying ‘glasses’ are actually made the end of plastic. Plastic is normally cheaper come manufacture, yet it usually additionally harder come break. Over there are numerous different species of plastics, however, so plastic magnifying glasses deserve to have a few drawbacks including:

optical impurities (distortion and filtering)easy come scratchlower melting suggest than glass

Despite this drawbacks, a plastic lens is exceptional in a survival setting simply due to the fact that it is much less likely to break. A scratched lens is much less complicated to work with 보다 a broken one. Plastic magnifying glasses are usually lighter weight, i beg your pardon can aid when pack a pest out bag since every ounce have the right to matter. The trust of a well-made polymer magnifying glass pushes it ahead of glass practically every time.

How to use a Magnifying Glass Fire Starter

A magnifying glass is a flexible survival tool, and make for wonderful back-up fire beginning solution. Making use of a magnifying glass as a fire starter have the right to be more daunting than it seems. Several determinants come into play that could derail her attempt:

Weather – In bespeak to begin a fire through the sun, you have to harness solar energy with the sunlight in the sky. Cloud sheathe or rain will stop this.Tinder – bad tinder can destroy your opportunities of beginning a fire prior to you also start. Make sure you have good, feathered, dried tinder.Magnifying Glass – we talked about how you can start a fire with plenty of different things that magnify, yet some materials are less complicated than others. Utilizing ice to begin a fire might be possible, yet it is extremely complicated to do.Training – learning the focal distance of your magnifying glass and how to emphasis the energy into a suggest may seem like common sense, however without practice you may find it more difficult to achieve in a survive scenario.

This video demonstrates very well exactly how to usage a magnifying glass fire starter:

You’ll an alert in the video clip that she goes because that the char-cloth for tinder, i m sorry is very forgiving and takes much less time come ignite. Also with the perfect problems that we laid the end above, among the most crucial things you have to keep in mental is patience. A magnifying glass fire needs a stable hand, attention to detail, and also plenty the time.

Who demands a Magnifying Glass Fire Starter?

A magnifying glass can be a cheap, lightweight device that rises the functionality, versatility, and redundancy of a survive kit. The gear you carry is among the most important factors into her preparedness. A magnifying glass is a smart device to encompass in your:

BOB (Bug the end Bag)INCH (I’m never Coming Home)

Everyone have to be acquainted with this kits, and have a disaster survival kit in ~ the an extremely least.

Why a Magnifying Glass?

Solar power, when not always reliable, is extremely powerful. If the sun is out and you need to gain a fire going- girlfriend can quickly harness the power to carry out so with simply a small tool. A magnifying glass is an elegant solution. There space no relocating parts to break. It doesn’t require electricity. Best of all: magnifying glasses space not consumable.

Using a magnifying glass to begin a fire doesn’t leave you with any kind of less potential to begin a fire the next time. Matches, lighters, and even ferro rods eventually run out of strikes.

Magnifying glasses are versatile. You deserve to use a magnifying glass to signal with pinpointed light. You deserve to use it to see smaller sized objects and also far away objects better. Magnifying glasses are often used with comprehensive maps. Some civilization even need them to view clearly, due to the fact that they room the lenses in glasses.

Lastly, magnifying glasses are discovered everywhere. Even if friend don’t monitor our ide and include a magnifying glass to your survival kit, opportunities are the you have one around the house. If you an insect out, there room magnifying glasses uncovered everywhere. Some TVs space basically one huge fresnel lens. Take it a look in ~ this ingenuity with harnessing the power of the sun:

If that doesn’t get you excited about the potential of starting fires through a magnifying glass, ns don’t know what will. Together he demonstrates, your creativity is the limit as soon as it concerns harnessing solar power with lenses.

How We review Products

We research assets thoroughly before selecting the finest products come review. Us conduct thorough research, wherein we consult specialists in the field for a far better understanding the what renders the equipment great. Hours on end are invested field experimentation gear in useful conditions. Us assign performance criteria and impartially rate each tested item.

You can support us v our separately chosen links, i beg your pardon earns us a commission in ~ no extra cost to you. After ~ our review process, several of the item reviewed end up in our giveaways, therefore be sure to check ago often.

Sources and also References

A special many thanks to our sources and references. We leaned top top them for the book knowledge that us paired through our hands-on useful experience.

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The final Word

Magnifying glasses have been approximately since prior to 400 BC, and also some of the earliest provides were to begin fires. It may be old technology, but it is a good tool to encompass in any type of survival kit.

There are rather a few magnifying glasses the end there, and also we hope the we have helped you narrow them under to your particular need. Everyone has actually a various situation, so the finest magnifying glass because that you might be slightly different than what we have reviewed and tested. Be sure to get acquainted with the magnifying glass you walk with and also practice making use of it so friend can obtain used come the focal length length.

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Take care of your gear and also it will take treatment of you. Don’t stash the away, but get it the end to get familiar with that if you are not using it every day. Store exploring, continue to be prepared, and be safe.

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