Costa Cruises

Smoking is permitted in designated spaces ~ above the open up decks, on exclusive balconies and also in the Cigar Lounge.

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Crystal Cruises

The only places indoor smoking cigarettes is allowed are the Connoisseur Club cigarette smoking lounge (aboard decision Mozart, decision Serenity and also Crystal Symphony) and also the VIP area of the casino throughout play (though the casino excludes cigar and also pipe smoking). A variety of outdoor areas are designated for smoking cigarettes on deck, consisting of near the pool area. There is one outdoor ar for smoking cigarettes on the smaller sized Crystal Esprit yacht, top top Deck 5's portside aft.

Cunard Line

Smoking, consisting of smoking that e-cigarettes, is only permitted in designated locations of the open up decks. Churchill's Cigar Lounge is the one exception to this, but for cigars and also pipes only.


MSC Cruises

Policies and designated smoking zones differ by ship, yet it's permitted on specific areas of the external decks and also sometimes in indoor areas like the casinos, or if the ship offers it, in the cigar lounge (like on MSC Divina, because that example).

Norwegian Cruise Line

Smoking is allowed in designated locations on open decks, in casinos (for players only) and in cigar bars. ~ above The Waterfront board Norwegian Getaway and also Norwegian Breakaway, smoking cigarettes is allowed on the starboard side excluding food-service areas. Garden Villa passengers room also enabled to smoke in their exclusive gardens or sunlight decks. Cigar and also pipe smoking is enabled in cigar bars and designated cigarette smoking lounges.

Oceania Cruises

Smoking is permitted only in the aft port edge of Horizons and the starboard forward section of the outdoor swimming pool Deck (the last area is the single designated spot because that cigar and pipe smoking). E-cigarettes might be smoked everywhere apart indigenous dining venues (including exterior seating areas).

P&O Cruises

Passengers that wish to light up have the right to smoke on particular designated locations of the open deck; the very same rules use for electronic cigarettes.


Ponant ships room nonsmoking except the especially designated locations on the external decks.

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Princess Cruises

Smoking is normally permitted in cigar lounges, in part of nightclubs and casinos, and also on sections of open up decks that are clearly marked "Designated smoking cigarettes Areas." in ~ the casinos, smoking cigarettes is minimal to designated slot makers while play those machines. (Casinos have actually at least one designated nonsmoking night every sailing, beginning at 6 p.m.) digital cigarette cigarette smoking is permitted in staterooms (but not on balconies) and also in other designated smoking areas. Cigar and also pipe cigarette smoking is permitted only in cigar lounges.