— -- this days, you have the right to shop, eat, drink, and get one internet link at pretty lot every U.S. Airport. At countless airports, you can additionally get a massage, a manicure, a haircut, a pint of micro-brewed beer or a glass of znjke.comod wine. However to the dismay the some, and also the delight of others, there space fewer and fewer airports whereby you deserve to smoke a cigarette without being required to exit security and also stand exterior on the curb.

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That"s as it must be, states Bronson Frick the the non-profit Americans for Nonsmokers" civil liberties group: "Smoke-free air is currently the norm in most airports and people expect it." but to frequent travelers prefer Rebecca Argenti, it"s a pains in the butt: "I respect non-smokers and I don"t think it"s appropriate or fair because that them come be based on my cigarette smoke. However, I carry out wish airports would certainly designate one "outside" smoking cigarettes area, previous security but near the departure gates, so the persons that wish come smoke don"t need to znjke.com every the means to the prior of the terminal in bespeak to walk outside and also smoke."

Argenti would have appreciated the post-security the end patios that Los Angeles global Airport (LAX) used to have actually in two of that is terminals. However an amendment come the anti-smoking legislations in California a few years back forced the airport to close the patios and the enclosed smoking area at the Tom Bradley worldwide Terminal. However, there room still an ext than a dozen U.S. Airports that have post-security cigarette smoking spots. Argenti and others simply need to sniff them out.

Airports with cigarette smoking lounges

The nation"s busiest airport, Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta international Airport, has actually two smoking lounges top top every concourse other than Concourse E, where smoking cigarettes is allowed in Sojourner"s Restaurant. Cigarette smoking is likewise permitted in the Budweiser Brewhouse top top Concourse A and also in the Georgia Juke joint on Concourse D. As part of a current $67 million airport renovation project, five of the 6 lounges have actually been upgraded with brand-new ventilation systems, brand-new seating, new windows and new flooring. Airplane spokesperson Al Snedeker says the specially-ventilated lounges now even have doors.

At Washington Dulles international Airport, cigarette smoking is permitted in four smoking lounges past the key terminal, consisting of two lounges in Concourse B, one in Concourse C and also one in Concourse D. For hungry smokers, Max & Erma"s Restaurant, by gate B72, it is intended food come a few tables in the adjacent airport smoking cigarettes lounge.

Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky airplane maintains smoking lounges in Terminals 1, 2 and also 3 and also in Concourses A and B. The plane also enables smoking inside four restaurants that have specially-ventilated smoking cigarettes areas: Max & Erma"s, Wolfgang Puck, Outback and Sam Adams. Follow to airplane spokesperson Barb Schempf, the airport has received both hopeful and negative comments from travelers around the smoking cigarettes lounges, however there are currently no plan to make a change. "We feeling it"s a customer service amenity, specifically for passengers coming in on global flights."

There are 5 post-security smoking cigarettes lounges at Salt Lake City worldwide Airport and, over at Lambert-St. Louis global Airport, 7 smoking lounges that airport spokesperson Jeff Lea says are all well used. "We"re giving a place where smokers can smoke and also are making certain their smoke does not impact those that select not to."

In Florida, the bustling Miami international Airport has one outdoor cigarette smoking enclosure, situated post-security top top Concourse D, when Tampa global Airport has a series of caged out patios ("Observation Decks") at Airsides A, C, E and also F complete with benches, ashtrays and also electric lighters. In ~ Orlando Sanford international Airport, there room two cigarette smoking areas, both in the international leave area. One is open to all departing passengers, if the other is accessible only to travelers with access to the imperial Palm Lounge. No cigarette smoking is allowed inside Pensacola Gulf Coast local Airport, yet there is an enclosed, vented cigarette smoking room in front of the terminal.

At Charlotte Douglas worldwide Airport, no cigarette smoking is permitted anywhere within the airport, however for some reason that doesn"t encompass the airline society rooms which, follow to the airport website, "are considered non-public areas." Similarly, Denver worldwide Airport is technically a no-smoking airport, yet there are 4 lounges were cigarette smoking is permitted with purchase: the Aviator"s society (Jeppesen Terminal and also Concourse B), Mesa Verde (Concourse A), and also Smokin" bear (Concourse C).

"Prior to offering a location for smokers come znjke.com," says Detroit metropolitan Airport spokesperson Brian Lassaline, "our publicly Safety department was frequently responding come door alarms. Customers showing up on global flights connecting to residential flights, plenty of of who cannot read English, would push the bars ~ above emergency leave doors on the concourses, thinking they could znjke.com "outside" because that a smoke." Lassaline says some no hope smokers would additionally light up in the family restrooms, however now the there are three airports bars where human being can smoke, this is no much longer a problem.

Memphis worldwide Airport provides one post-security spot whereby passengers can smoke. Because that now. A regulation prohibiting cigarette smoking in fastened public areas in Tennessee went into effect October 1, 2007, however airport officials have been do the efforts to gain exemptions for 2 airport restaurants, the pre-security Maggie O"Shea"s and the post-security Blue note Café. Maggie O"Shea"s znjke.com no-smoking ~ above January 1, 2009, but Hugh Atkins, director of General environmental Health because that the Tennessee department of health and wellness says if the Blue note Café doesn"t follow-suit, his agency will begin levying day-to-day fines.

No smoking: great for health but bad for the bottom line

Until the i of the Nevada Clean at home Air plot in November 2006, McCarran global Airport in las Vegas had smoking areas in many post-security bars and also in a cable of ventilated lounges outfitted with financial institutions of slot machines. Currently that the airport is totally smoke-free, claims Randall H. Walker, the Clark ar Director the Aviation, "We"ve discovered that plenty of travelers now try to sneak a smoke, regularly in companion treatment restrooms or other locations where smoking cigarettes is turn off limits." Walker says the smoking ban is likewise having a an unfavorable impact on the airport"s bottom line. The airport"s slot an equipment revenue, which have the right to total an ext than $40 million a year, has decreased since the smoking cigarettes ban take it effect. Walker attributes that to the fact that "many smokers are now lingering exterior prior come their trip rather than playing the slot equipments in the previous smoking lounges situated near the gates."

There room other troubles caused as soon as travelers come znjke.com outside to smoke. In ~ Charleston worldwide Airport (CHS), it"s dirt. Public affairs director Becky Beaman says "many smokers just don"t respect non-smokers" rights. They will certainly walk ideal up come the door and take that last drag. We administer ash cans and also benches ~ above the prior curb in the smoking locations so the smokers can be comfortable, yet many smokers simply throw their butts down and stamp them out which create a nasty, stinky mess!"

To smoke or no to smoke: you"ll have to do part homework

Smoking lounges exist in ~ some other U.S. Airports, including Gulfport Biloxi worldwide Airport and Greensboro"s Piedmont Triad worldwide Airport, and there other airports wherein smoking might be allowed in airline society lounges or other "non-public places," for this reason if you want to smoke as soon as you touch down, it"s a an excellent idea to check the website of any airport you intend to visit. Better yet, speak to ahead. In researching this column, I uncovered several official smoke-free airports that had actually an unofficial cigarette smoking area on-site. And because city and state laws are continually changing, don"t i think an airport that once permitted smoking will proceed to carry out so. Also, while the perform of 100% Smokefree U.S. Airports put together by Americans because that Nonsmokers" civil liberties was recently updated, I could find no comprehensive online perform of airports where smoking is allowed.

Then again, friend could constantly follow the command of Danny Tolentino, a systems analyst from Columbia, S.C.Tolentino has actually memorized the finest spots to smoke at numerous of the country"s busiest airports and also says the Atlanta is pretty znjke.comod and "at DFW it"s pretty simple to run exterior for a smoke. There space plenty that exits and also entrances and also it doesn"t take lengthy to znjke.com with security." Tolentino knows whereby to smoke, but no much longer needs this information. "I am smoke-free (as of Jan. 1, 2009) so ns won"t need to worry about it no longer (hopefully)."

Smokers, have actually we missed any places? re-superstructure your other smoking spots in ~ airports below.

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