My 2 siblings and I normally share credentials because that streaming solutions such as Amazon Prime, HBO, Showtime, etc. Each service generally has actually one main user while one or both that the others will sometimes log in for specific shows. We carry out live in two various states in between the three of us.

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I don't see almost everywhere in the terms and conditions that they avoid or penalize account sharing. Ns did watch that if you execute share her account, you're responsible for anyone utilizing the account. I likewise see the you have the right to stream on up to 3 devices simultaneously.

Do they proactively prevent account access from an ext than one ar at a time?


I share my account with a sibling in another state.

Its been a year and sling hasn't stated nothing

I use it on my phone, far from mine home's wifi, and also of course also at my home so i don't think lock care. You obtain a certain number of log ins and also no more, doesn't issue from where.

I'm ~ above sling blue (or which ever account kind doesn't have ESPN and allows like 3 streams in ~ once). Mine mom has been making use of my sling account in ~ her home for months and none of united state have ever before had a problem.

I can't attach it, however I've viewed a customer service rep top top twitter in reality say it to be 100% fine.

I have actually Blue. Mine MIL uses it at her residence (same metro area) and also my parents usage it at their residence several claims away. No problems as lengthy as us don't reach the max of 3 streams, which we haven't yet. Even in the case, all we would gain is a message that i assume would certainly say there space too many people concurrently streaming. No warnings on your account or anything favor that.

Ha. Sling doesn't treatment who provides your account. Somebody gained my login credentials 6-7 months earlier and has been using my account since then. Despite changing my email attend to and password, they continue to it is in able to access my account. Sling's response? nothing we have the right to do around it. Publication if girlfriend want. I would certainly cancel and also sign increase again, yet I don't want to shed my $20 Blue pricing.

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They might give you warning the someone native a different location could using your account. But, there's naught to issue about.

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