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us currently provide realtime warns on end 10,000 tickers & cryptocurrencies. Stock Alarm will speak to your phone when your create goes off.

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Gain an sheet

Stock alarm supports many trigger varieties including limits, percent change, price change, SMA, EMA, MACD, RSI, fatality cross, and gold overcome patterns.

Community Driven

We take all of our user"s requests seriously and also are constantly looking for means to improve, shoot united state an email.



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it takes less than a minute to sign up. Just download the app and verify your phone number (For call notifications)


Setup her alerts

Search through our 10,000+ supported tickers and setup triggers based upon real-time price movements!


Enjoy and also Explore

Explore new technical indicators and your commerce horizons. We"re constantly adding in new triggers!

Stock warns so you record the activity Live

It"s time to stop setting limit orders before going to bed and hoping because that the best. In today"s share market, stock alerts provide you the competitive leaf you require to obtain ahead collection fine-tuned stock alarms based turn off price activities to wake up as soon as it counts and also catch the action live.

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We"ve got You Covered

We"re a team of investors that got tired of having actually to choose in between stalking charts or setting stop limits and praying for the best. Someday we establish that sufficient was enough, and also took matters into our very own hands. An excellent stock warns shouldn"t be expensive (or complicated), through you"ll be able to setup stock warns based off of price targets, price changes, moving averages, and more!

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Great Service

UI is clean and also easy come use. Sector data is accurate and up to date. The takes a little stress out of my day when I understand I don"t need to constantly examine pricing. 5/5! thanks guys!

follow Clarke — application User

Thee. Greatest. Discovery.

This application is super useful and it has helped me soooo much already. That is user friendly, convenient, and also I to be so glad I found this app. If you trade, this application is a have to have!!!.

watermelonsundae510 — application User

Killer App

As a bulk of my investments room crazy dangerous like beyond meat, ns desperately necessary to it is in alerted to large swings.

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electricpenguin1 — app User

Amazing For necessary Price activity Updates

Would extremely recommend making use of this app if you work yet need real-time to update on price action. Getting a phone contact when crucial price points space hit has actually saved me sooo much money on mine trades. So far I’ve been setting notifs roughly the critical points the potential head and shoulders patterns and also I’ve made some sizable profits!

salilvanvari — application User


Awesome application that helps keep track of share you’re watching. I specifically like it since I don’t desire to it is in on phone checking crypto and also stock prices every the time but there are some price alters I would desire to know around ASAP and also Stock alarm facilitates that!

The good Emperor — app User

Devs that care - love it

asked for a brand-new trigger type and they added it within the month. Acquired a contact at 5am because that a bitcoin alert and sold instantly, this application is worth it!

Joshua kushner 222 — app User

Amazing application - need to BUY FOR any TRADER

This app is certain amazing. Whether you trade crypto, work trade, or hold a lengthy position; this application is advantageous for everything! before getting this app I to be constantly checking in on mine positions and how the market was doing. Commerce basically took in my life and also made it challenging to emphasis on much more throughout the day. I deserve to now be worry cost-free and concentrated on other work discovering I will gain a call whenever anything notable happens in the market. Good app! i recommend this come anyone that loves come trade, however ESPECIALLY come those who love to trade but also hold other jobs and also responsibilities that store them far from watching the market throughout open hours.

JNiñoMan32 — application User

AMAZING App. Love this alerts!

together someone who trades to supplement a 9 to 5, this app allows me to be as in touch with the markets as the professionals. Basic to collection up and use.

GhogieGhogie — app User

About share Alarm

never again settle for setting limit orders before going to bed and also hoping for the best. Avoid checking her phone during work to discover yet an additional lost opportunity. Arisen by traders for traders, share Alarm enables day/swing traders from all backgrounds to set conditional alarms to be triggered from live stock price movement.