Are girlfriend no longer using her timeshare? have actually timeshare maintain fees started to heap up or has actually a lifestyle change made it more complicated to host onto? For every little thing reason it might be, over there are countless people similar to you wondering how to offer a time share. In spite of what friend may have actually read or heard on just how to market a timeshare, our specialists are here to help every action of the way.

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According to the American Resort advancement Association (ARDA), more than 80% the timeshare owners express satisfaction with their holidays ownership. For this reason it might come as a surprise that over there is a thriving second market of civilization selling their timeshares. Although holidays ownership is intended to it is in a lifelong product, occasionally it simply doesn’t make feeling to keep holding onto. The an excellent news is, the timeshare resale industry has so many choices for timeshare relief. Find out your different options for offering responsibly.

Should I sell My Timeshare?

There room a couple of things to save in mind prior to you take into consideration selling your timeshare. The “value” of her timeshare originates from using it, and also if you space not using it come its fullest potential, you might not be gaining much worth the end of it.

Use A vacation Exchange Network


Should friend have any type of questions or concerns about who to turn to because that relief, us recommend visiting The Coalition because that Responsible departure was developed by the American Resort advancement Association with height developers in order come stand versus illegitimate companies and also scams. Members the the coalition are likewise members the ARDA. They uphold a strict password of Ethics and also serve to assist protect their owners. Us at Timeshares only are also part of the Coalition that Responsible Exit.

Timeshare exit teams will tell you that the an additional market is nonexistent (not true, us are appropriate here!) or the they can gain you out of your contract (also not true). A timeshare contract is similar to the one you have actually for your major home. Can you “cancel” her mortgage since you don’t desire your house anymore? These exit teams are basically fraudulent providers playing on the emotions or financial battles of timeshare owners. They space not overseen by one authority and also are progressively being prosecuted for your fraudulent tactics. Few of these lawyers have even been barred from ever practicing legislation again.

Instead of paying thousands of dollars or damaging your credit score, the more secure and more responsible choice is to offer your time share with a credible resale firm or agent. Start with checking ARDA‘s Coalition for Responsible Exit. Our blog likewise has resources and also tips on how you can avoid timeshare scams or time share departure teams.

How have the right to I market My Time Share?

Now that you recognize what no to do as soon as you are in search of time re-publishing relief, there room a few different methods of going about selling. Friend can call your resort developer very first for guidance, as they can have part resale company recommendations.

Some of them may also refer girlfriend to one of our to represent at Timeshares Only. We help owners every work looking to sell their timeshare. By phone call 1-800-213-7733 or filling the end an digital form, a TSO representative will walk you through the measures to article your timeshare for sale.

It’s vital that you recognize what you own. That way, we deserve to make sure all of the correct and important details space in your advertisement. Gather every one of the essential documents, contracts, and information friend have. If there is anything you’re not sure of, our representative will certainly be happy to aid you uncover the right information. These an essential details will help in pass the right buyer to your posting so girlfriend can obtain it sold!


Once her timeshare is posted because that sale top top our virtual marketplace, numerous buyers trying to find vacation ownership as with yours deserve to make one offer. Our solutions make it simple, so a the person who lives may speak to us for more information about your posting, or they deserve to place an offer appropriate on the internet page. As soon as we get an offer, our partner at Fidelity Resales have the right to take over the rest of the sale.

You may manage the closing procedure yourself if you acquire an offer, however, most people don’t introduce it. You will need to handle complicated negotiations, navigate the best of first Refusal and transfer funds and ownership. A licensed real estate agent will certainly be the most knowledgeable and can help you through all of this. Fidelity Resales agents can handle the negotiations because that you and also navigate the developer’s appropriate of very first Refusal.

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When marketing a time share, there room details within your contract that state the will developer has the best to purchase the timeshare back at the exact same price together the offer, or waive their best to allow someone rather to purchase. This is likewise known as the ROFR and also can take a couple of weeks to acquire a response back.

Once the ROFR is waived, the closing documents are gathered and also sent come both the buyer and also seller to authorize on every the dotted lines. A timeshare location transfer firm is compelled for this procedure as well, and also your license is granted Fidelity Resales agent have the right to refer you to one, or you might pick one you trust. It’s crucial that they room a licensed, reliable company.

There is a lot that goes right into selling a time share, yet our experienced representatives can guide you through every action of the way!

Sell your Timeshare v Timeshares Only

Ready to article your timeshare for sale? Timeshares just is a Member of ARDA, v an A+ Rating top top the BBB together an Accredited Business. Fill the end the form below to gain started, or call us now at 1-800-610-2734.