Hi, it appears that I have a the majority of canned food and also other points that i may be able to sell... They're not mine, however I don't think the civilization here eat them

Things like bags that beans, crate beans, bags of rice, etc

Now this isn't around flipping necessarily, but an ext selling some spare things on eBay to make money

Is that legal to offer food top top eBay?


The shipping because that what you're describing would certainly outweigh any kind of profit you would certainly make on those items. Bags that rice and beans room super cheap at the grocery store and also canned items are an extremely heavy. Uneven these room high end or hard to discover then girlfriend are just pissing in the wind.

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After mine father freshly passed away, the left behind several instances full of 8oz canned Glucerna Glycemic manage milk shakes originally prescribed for his diabetes. He never acquired the chance to drink most of them therefore I have been marketing them ~ above eBay for $100 shipped per situation (they're in reality worth means more than that yet I priced come move). Each situation has 48 cans and also weighs 33 pounds. Shipping coast to coast via UPS is around $34 with the PayPal discount. Basic $60-70+ profit.

So yeah, high end and also hard to find certainly qualifies in mine case. No out the the inquiry for OP to do money selling food ~ above eBay but he's gotta shot a many harder 보다 canned beans.

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I assumed shipping was calculated by just the box dimension -- do you median that even though I can fit 20 can be ~ of bean in a little box, i would have to pay based upon it's weight?

I...you're life in a common house and also there are bulk staple groceries that space who knows exactly how old, and also you think human being might want to pay the shipping for "beans, crate beans, bags that rice, etc" indigenous what I've acquired to assume is a brand-new eBay account, and also you're just hoping the human being who own the bean won't notice, and...

I don't understand whether come laugh or cry. If you room that tough up, and you are sure these are unwanted beans and rice, why not eat the beans and rice?

Well other human being have pointed out selling dollar keep items top top here... I have to say that as a new eBay flipper, who in this sub argued to me to re-sell dollar store items

Couldn't the very same logic it is in applied? You're purchase it for a dissension or so, and also then friend would have to at the very least sell it over $4 to gain a profit, because I think the cheapest shipping I've checked out is 2.99, so also at $4, friend would only make 1 cent profit

So in various other words, people were buying points on ebay in ~ 5x the regular price. Why wouldn't they perform that v beans, rice, etc?

And the factor I ask is because you can buy Salt, eco-friendly Tea, and other food items on eBay -- back I have the right to see why castle wouldn't want civilization selling food that's no in the initial package, i don't check out why ns couldn't sell bulk food items as lengthy as they're appropriately sealed