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If you’ve ever been to Erie’s waterfront or Presque Isle State Park, it’s likely that you’ve seen the Erie Bicentennial Tower standing tall above the city’s skyline.

Built in 1996 come commemorate the city’s bicentennial, the tower stands nearly 200-feet tall, do it one of the tallest structuresin Erie. Because of the impressive height (relative to the remainder of the city), Erie’s Bicentennial Tower supplies an impressive view over the city and also surrounding area.

I had the possibility to visit top top a reasonably clear work this past spring. After a quick stop within the gift shop ~ above the lowest floor to get my ticket,I headed towards the elevator and also was whisked come the tower’s monitoring deck in just a couple of short seconds.

As shortly as the doors opened, ns knew I remained in for a treat as I had the entirety of Erie laying out prior to me. Together a first-time visitor come the Flagship City, this listed me with a good opportunity to acquire my bearings because that the remainder of my visit.

Then i turned around.

Overlooking downtown Erie native the optimal of the Bicentennial Tower.It’s worth noting, however, the those nervous about heights might want come think twice prior to visiting. While the tower isn’t really tall,the monitoring platform is outside, and the slight swaying the the tower can take a few minutes to obtain used to.

However, i would certainly recommend going to the optimal of Erie’s Bicentennial Tower. It may not it is in as exceptional as some observation decks roughly the world, however it’s tall enough to carry out a good overview the the city for both first-time visitors and long-term residents alike.

Note: my visit to Erie’s Bicentennial Tower was held by Visit Erie. However, the opinions to express in this write-up are mine own.

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